These Things We Do (It’s My Rut)

we do

A song by Krazzy K-Dog

(May contain profanity, depending on your definition)

Same old thing day after day
Wake up and start the rut
Home for dinner and TV
In bed by 11 with the lights shut

We talk and talk and talk and talk
Until there’s nothing left to say
These things we do we do each day
Hoping the light of life won’t fade away

Stretch on the love seat pass around the chips
Get me another beer hon, what’s happened to your hips?
When did I grow so old and how did I get so Goddam fat
Closed my eyes filled my gut now that’s enough of that
Gotta eat right watch my health do a little exercise
I’ll start that shit tomorrow now I want to shut my eyes

What the fuck is the point
What the fuck is it all about
Why do we do these things we do
Why don’t we just cut out

Lets go to a movie or maybe dinner and a dance
If we plan a night out then we might still stand a chance
Why ruin our streak
Maybe next week
Yea you’re right
Not tonight
Put on the boob tube so we can watch something sappy
We do these things we do so we can pretend our lives are happy

These are the things we do
To make our lives seem real
These things we do we do we do
To make our world congeal
Without these things for us to do
Seems there aint no point in tryin’
If we never did these things
In an casket we’d be lyin’

We have a favorite TV show and we have a favorite meal
Force ourselves to have these things to make our lives seem real
We’re nothing but a nest of drones working for the queen
Running through this rat race maze to feed the big machine

Its better when we’re numb
Even though it defeats the point
So after work I pour a drink
Then light a big ass joint
These things we do these things we do
To keep our lives seeming sane
So we don’t have to watch and see
Our souls slipping down the drain

These things we do because we know
We barely just exist
Sink deeper in our ant farm ruts
No matter how hard we resist
It’s the same fucking shit
But on a different fucking day
These God damn things we do
While we piss our lives away

Life is fun life is real
Life is full of phony zeal
Life is dull life is cheap
Price of happiness is steep
Life is pious life is blessed
Fuck my life and all the rest
These things we do
These things we do
Why do we do these things we do
Life will suck no matter what we say
Fucking A man…..
There’s got to be a better way


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