Tears Of A Smiley Face


Jesus Christ my mirror is broken
I ain’t joking the bloke inside looks like he’s croaking
The figure I see could die from the choking
Too many years of toking and smoking
I have a notion his minds lost forward motion
Direct result of his explosive emotions
But I’ve misspoken
The figure that be isn’t the me that I see
A reflection of what all the others perceive
Not the young me wearing his age on his sleeve
Don’t mean to deceive but I don’t think they see
The once virile that man I believe I should be
A young mans reprieve in my minds reality
But let me intercede
They just don’t see a strong heart of stone
Just an old man alone with nothing to show
But a history of abuse and deteriorating bone
And far too many opportunities all of which be has blown
Now a victim of age all on his own
Meet the old man owning Osteoporosis
Cirrhosis and narcosis in a body atrocious
Struggling through life in an ageless psychosis
So many maladies it makes me precocious
So focus
Work that shit into your rhymes bitches
Then tell me this ain’t so dope it leaves you in stitches
While you scratching your itches and counting your riches
Yea its got glitches both pernicious and malicious
But its gritty and witty nutritious and delicious
Don’t be so suspicious
I’ve got so many regrets they’ve been repossessed
I’ll keep them suppressed at your behest
So I’ll gladly confess to all my crimes and excess
But I digress
As a sign of the times I try to read between the lines
The wrinkles define why I cry and I whine
Behind the hazel cry soaked old eyes
Hides a soul blinded by this life and it’s lies
No one wants to hear bout the lows and the highs
They just sympathize hearing bout my demise
Wrinkles and crows feet my conciliation prize
Old but not wise
Maybe they see a smiley face his eyes all a shine
Never once guessing that inside he keeps crying
Once he was flying now waiting and dieing
Or maybe I’m lying
Maybe I’m no more than a book on a shelf
Pissing and moaning feeling sorry for myself
Crying on my lonesome because I screwed up to the hilt
The Pinball Wizard who keeps hitting a tilt
But this broken life is all I have built
So fuck me I suck
I’ll dry my eyes on my guilt


Live and Love in Peace

Just Messin’ Around



Silk Tie Samurai swings a platinum hammer

Isabella at his side what a mamma jamma

Big foot Banjo strumming catfish blues

Working for the Samurai to get his baby shoes

Samurai getting high on tabaccky wacky

Exercising downsizing gotta fire a lackey

Silk Tie feeling pissed picks up the silver axe

Just like Dizzy Lizzie gave out forty whacks

Strumming sad was Banjo a blowin’ in the wind

Got the axe cuz he was lax now he’s getting skinned

Cloud nine the hand out line guzzling down his booze

No healthcare welfare and he got nothing left to lose

Lyric spitting Bobby was a preacher smoking grass

Tripping to the other side on a window pane of glass

Tell us bout the weather Bobby tell us bout the times

Dr. Seuss be feeling loose throwing down some rhymes

Searching for some messages in a bottle full of hope

Mr. Jones got him stoned then strung him out on dope

Lulu Voodoo promised Biggie Karmic retribution

A total loss to the boss is Lulu’s Voodoo solution


Silt Tie the sneaky guy creeping out with Jill at night

Knocking boots with Juicy Jill somewhere out of sight

Juicy drains the bosses tie then gives an extra shaking

Husband Jack don’t have the knack of brining home the bacon

Yesterday is over but today is on the move

Looking back on happy days getting in a groove

No tell Motel where Isabella done lost her crown

Tie mounted Jill uphill and Jack came tumbling down

Hey man don’t ya let yer past come into play

The most important history is the one you make today

Don’t swim up a waterfall with your head a going under

Won’t see hidden lightning afore ya hear the silent thunder

Bosses secret spinning round caught in the storms eye

When Isabella gets the facts sparks is goanna fly


Make love make time I’ll be yours and you be mine

Keep the promise if you wannna have a diamond shine

If you cheat you feel the heat from the fires of divorce

Silkies fly was open wide and Juicy was the source

Sang the song of love gone wrong came like a cinder block

Isabella got all the bucks and Lucy got his…

Locked box treasure stock full of pyrite gold doubloons

Underneath the darkest skies he’s howling at the moons

Crude dude Buddha Belly dressed in a solid gold tuxedo

Turn around he’s outta town where the hell did he go

Now stupid fella and Isabella dancing tangos in her bed

Doesn’t learn a lesson but he getting real good head

Out to the temple where Buddha spews silk advice

Shouting for bloody Hari Kari into the mirror thrice

Now Mr. Luck big bucks owns the Silk Tie Gambling House

His daughter loves a renegade think the dudes a louse

But baby girl with the golden curls opens up her gown

Every time her Running Bear lets his pants fall down

Switchblade Renegade plays baccarat with Silkies daughter

On a bleak losing streak completely drunk on holy water

So Bigfoot and Running Bear got into a big fat hassle

Buddha Belly and Golden Curl snuck off to Silk Tie castle

Silkworm Samuri fired each employee there on the spot

Trying to cool the whole town down his daughter running hot

Food stamp lava lamp Bigfoot and Lulu skip outtta town

Renegade was going up and Baby Curl was going down

Belly and Isabella ran away while Silk Tie and Lucy split

Every batter gets a splatter when the fan gets hit with shit




How Does Your Garden Grow


Adam my son with your choices I grapple
I offer you melons yet you chose the apple
Now here we are in the Garden Of Eden
I offer you Eve but you’ve chosen Steven

I know I’ve preached love all through the week
But this ain’t what I meant by turning the cheek
The sanctimonious amongst us need to understand
How a marriage Can be between a man and a man

I don’t mean to be peeking inside of your bed
But I expect fornication not just getting head
How will I sanctify your living together
With you boys going out to play all clad in leather

I pray to you father don’t harbor such vex
Love is much more than us just having sex
Why must they define the way we show our love
Is not everyone equal in your heaven above

If divorce and adultery is considered unfair
Sanctimonians you speak of own more than their share
They revel in their sins cause they get washed away
By sitting on benches in church on Sunday

While parentless children suffer unbearable trauma
Steven and I will raise our kids free of bad Karma
I know this might not be what your original plan had
But you created love without condition and everyone’s glad

I created this world in a mere seven days
But I’m not here just tom garner your praise
I created sun and then water I created all life
I created this woman to be your wedded wife

So much you created to make us all happy
But why is there hatred to make us feel crappy
The most beautiful thing any one of us heard of
Two people living life married….and living in love


Double Entendre, A Three Act Play On Words


Some may find the language offensive but it’s only words and words can never hurt me. Sticks and stones on the other hand…
If you happen to be one easily offended by words or sexual content scroll the fuck on. If however you have a mind as childish, silly, and uncensored as mine, please continue.

Act I ……………….. A Cheating Bitch with a Heated Itch

Our sex sucks because of your success when you sucked sex for your success
Now my heartache is such a hard ache because our hard break was such a heartbreak

You let a heating hard on turn your cheating heart on and I’m the one getting burned
You strayed away straight away out getting laid the moment my back was turned
Now you’re a success because you can suck sex your way into success with the boss
You elected to erect him let him pry into your rectum leaving me with an erection loss

During all your sexual journeys you got down to suck on your knees so we both need attorneys to sue
You let him cum in your tummy while you were cumming yummy I won’t comment cause it’s my balls that are blue
Cause you didn’t use your noggin while you were out knocking in bed and out on the town
Cums as no surprise you took your eye off of the prize so my price went up high while you were going down

Act II…………………… Fucking Your Way To The Top

Fill up my money pot
For using your honey pot
Your gonna get a lawyer shot
And I don’t really give a snot
Money I want to get a lot
You just want to squat a lot
Because you’re fucking your way to the top

You’re blinded by your vision
Your empty blind ambition
When with sexual precision
You opened your incision
Then you had your collision
It was your bad decision
Which is causing our division
While you keep fucking your way to the top

My eyes are red and dried
Cause every night I’ve cried
Choking on my pride
Cause he gets deep inside
With you laying right beside
Waiting to get supplied
Inside your great divide
You’re like Bonnie he’s like Clyde
He is taking you for a ride
Still you keep fucking your way to the top

Polishing his knob
Slurping like a slob
Making him throb
From a cut rate hand job
But hey babe no prob
Now I can quit my job
My lawyers are gonna rob
That cheating corporate snob
Because you just don’t fucking know when to stop

Act III ……………………….. At Least The Sex Was Good

You give out head to get ahead while getting ahead and getting head
Both you louses have got spouses now our lawyer louses want your houses
Like a traitor he betrayed her while you traded like a traitor you betrayed our love
Took off your girdle for his turtle but a hurdle is you’re fertile so I hope he wore a glove
He sounded insightful so you let him get inside you to light you so delightful when you came
First you blow him then you’re below him taking so much juice it bloats you what a shame

Jesus it never ceases your afraid that if he sees us hell have a seizure but I don’t really care
The bullshit it increases all in bits and pieces until your cheating ceases I’ll be in despair
I still remember doing you when the dew in you was spewing through you came bout every time
I climbed your back you climaxed back we maxed our sex with sweet success that chimed
Once our sheets were stained by heat we did the feat between the sheet and never did it suck
No more heartache no more hard ache my heart is hard baked I’m stronger I no longer give a fuck

It wasn’t fair you had an affair and if I had enough air maybe I’d fare well
But I didn’t fare well so I’m saying farewell and paying your fare all the way into Hell

Wet Cat Burglar in Red


Contains explicit innuendo. Recommended for immature audiences. Reader discretion advised

Cat In Heat

Like a thief in the night crawling through the window
Love snuck into my bed
Hit me hard my swollen head spinning ecstatic
Cat burglar dressed in red

Holy Toledo
Unbridled libido
The both of us came in the dark
Sharing hard love
Without wearing a glove
Maybe I should just disembark

She came in hard her hands gently stealing my heart
I know I’ll never be the same
Drove my auto erotic hot rod over orgasm cliff
Didn’t even give her name

Wanton lust
Had me trussed
She became the object of my blind affection
Set me on fire
With burning desire
My brain must have been inside my erection

While my head was aflame with lustful desire
Using my brain for kindle
She ignited the flames of my sexual passions
Then snuck back out of the window

Now I’m flaccid
Still as lake Placid
Just the memory of her climaxing scream
Feel so gratified
Feel so satisfied
I sure hope it wasn’t just a wet dream