Double Entendre, A Three Act Play On Words


Some may find the language offensive but it’s only words and words can never hurt me. Sticks and stones on the other hand…
If you happen to be one easily offended by words or sexual content scroll the fuck on. If however you have a mind as childish, silly, and uncensored as mine, please continue.

Act I ……………….. A Cheating Bitch with a Heated Itch

Our sex sucks because of your success when you sucked sex for your success
Now my heartache is such a hard ache because our hard break was such a heartbreak

You let a heating hard on turn your cheating heart on and I’m the one getting burned
You strayed away straight away out getting laid the moment my back was turned
Now you’re a success because you can suck sex your way into success with the boss
You elected to erect him let him pry into your rectum leaving me with an erection loss

During all your sexual journeys you got down to suck on your knees so we both need attorneys to sue
You let him cum in your tummy while you were cumming yummy I won’t comment cause it’s my balls that are blue
Cause you didn’t use your noggin while you were out knocking in bed and out on the town
Cums as no surprise you took your eye off of the prize so my price went up high while you were going down

Act II…………………… Fucking Your Way To The Top

Fill up my money pot
For using your honey pot
Your gonna get a lawyer shot
And I don’t really give a snot
Money I want to get a lot
You just want to squat a lot
Because you’re fucking your way to the top

You’re blinded by your vision
Your empty blind ambition
When with sexual precision
You opened your incision
Then you had your collision
It was your bad decision
Which is causing our division
While you keep fucking your way to the top

My eyes are red and dried
Cause every night I’ve cried
Choking on my pride
Cause he gets deep inside
With you laying right beside
Waiting to get supplied
Inside your great divide
You’re like Bonnie he’s like Clyde
He is taking you for a ride
Still you keep fucking your way to the top

Polishing his knob
Slurping like a slob
Making him throb
From a cut rate hand job
But hey babe no prob
Now I can quit my job
My lawyers are gonna rob
That cheating corporate snob
Because you just don’t fucking know when to stop

Act III ……………………….. At Least The Sex Was Good

You give out head to get ahead while getting ahead and getting head
Both you louses have got spouses now our lawyer louses want your houses
Like a traitor he betrayed her while you traded like a traitor you betrayed our love
Took off your girdle for his turtle but a hurdle is you’re fertile so I hope he wore a glove
He sounded insightful so you let him get inside you to light you so delightful when you came
First you blow him then you’re below him taking so much juice it bloats you what a shame

Jesus it never ceases your afraid that if he sees us hell have a seizure but I don’t really care
The bullshit it increases all in bits and pieces until your cheating ceases I’ll be in despair
I still remember doing you when the dew in you was spewing through you came bout every time
I climbed your back you climaxed back we maxed our sex with sweet success that chimed
Once our sheets were stained by heat we did the feat between the sheet and never did it suck
No more heartache no more hard ache my heart is hard baked I’m stronger I no longer give a fuck

It wasn’t fair you had an affair and if I had enough air maybe I’d fare well
But I didn’t fare well so I’m saying farewell and paying your fare all the way into Hell

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