Dead Man Walking

dead walk

Once I got my courage swinging down the Jack
But Jack he ain’t welcome round here anymore
Stuck me in this eight by six shoebox coffin
Got busted stumbling out the wrong back door

Nevermind the furthermore the plea is self defense
But being drunk just don’t give ya scuse to kill
Her husband caught me in his shack naked not alone
Had to shoot or it was my blood gonna spill

Counting hours here on death row ain’t no place to be
Everyone round here knows that yawl about to die
Make room fella’s theys a dead mans walking
Smell of sorrows trail the green mile straglin’ by

Yesterdays horrors haunt the oncoming evil squall
Winds shouting Abandon all hope ye who enter here
Thunder and lightning crackle mocking at my conscience
Crowd awaits my death while shedding not a tear

Strapped to a chair by the pains of all of my victims
Collective anticipation of life departing from my soul
A pinch in the arm and slight burn of the killing fluids
My audience smiles to see me lose all my control

Justice is a precarious and problematic concept
One mans beneficial deed another’s repugnant act
Slippery slopes and a blindfolded constitution
May be the reason the bells of liberty are cracked

The Thrill In The kill II (Hunters perspective)


Crouched in the shadows a spider in waiting
Fingers anxiously caressing my stiletto
A shape in the distance perhaps a young man
Can’t wait to slice his deep voice to falsetto

He senses my presence he’s looking about
I strategically gain spatial enclosure
He quickens his pace attempting escape
But I’m prepared to invest his foreclosure

Time to pounce and feel élan leave his torso
The zeal of his frenzy warming my soul
Right hand gripping tightly on my death stick
Left under his chin to gain surgical control

The first cuts the deepest it true what they say
But the second bears a dynamic elation
Warm blood is trickling across my knuckles
My heart pounding a glorious summation

Crimson life syrup spurting out from his neck
Filling my hands with thick sanguine mud
He gurgles out once a lame bloody protest
His death a canvas I paint with his blood

Evisceration elates me to orgasmic climax
I writhe in gratuitous anticipation
With lethal precision I slice flesh and bone
Sexual release with each deep laceration

Spin him around so I can view the departure
To watch life drain from his sunken blue face
Wildly my soul trembles a tune of ecstasy
Its almost done and my heart starts to race

Its over he’s dead paranoia setting in
Look around make sure no one can see
Gotta run away now before I get caught
Back to my bed where I bask in the glee

But when I arrive sick replaces my bliss
Vomit extinguishes the once lustful flame
Depression and revulsion will fill up my days
Until the next slaying can wash out my shame

The Thrill In The Kill I (Preys Perspective)

Night air quickly darkened so eerily uneasy
As I tread cautious along a tree lined path
Footsteps in the shadow pursue relentless
Tap out a caution of oncoming wrath

Heart pounds a warning-imminent danger
Perhaps a case of wrong place wrong time
In paranoia the pace of my stride it quickens
My destiny to fall victim of ominous crime

The shadow insists upon closing up the gap
Why am I about to face this stalkers fate?
I shouldn’t have traveled alone down here
What’s done is done and now its too late

My hunter is gaining quick his precious ground
Seconds seem to be ticking in heart pounding silence
I feel the motion from a pair of subversive arms
The killer’s poised to unleash bloody violence

Steel blade is cold against my quivering skin
Rips my flesh changing the ice to a burn
Warm streams of life trickle out from my neck
Sanguine copper taste makes my stomach churn

I can sense ultimate glee as he shreds through a vein
Can almost feel the maniacal menacing smile
His heart is a racing even faster than mine
I try to shout with a voice stuck in denial

Warm streams of plasma pours down my neck
Sap of my essence draining from beats of my heart
Pumping to the rhythms of a dying collective
But its the sheer panic that rips me apart

His breath hot and laborious sprays over my face
I’ve been posed for psychotic viewing pleasure
With wild eye yet empty meaningless smile
Watching my life run out is his reward of treasure

As I fall to the ground no muscles come to my aid
My abandoned body tumbles into submission
I feel ounces of vitality pooling out of my being
As I prepare myself for the ultimate transition

My mind is as blurry as the streaking in my eyes
Waiting for my life to get flashed across the sky
But I lay here stagnant as hope bleeds through
There’s nothing to do but accept I will die

A strange object is lodge in my throat
I cough to expunge a ball of bloody debris
Darkness sets in around the eyes of my world
Karmic retribution is all that’s left for me

I feel nothing now the pain and panic gone
Cant even hear the murderous creep
I have no time to think about life