Dead Man Walking

dead walk

Once I got my courage swinging down the Jack
But Jack he ain’t welcome round here anymore
Stuck me in this eight by six shoebox coffin
Got busted stumbling out the wrong back door

Nevermind the furthermore the plea is self defense
But being drunk just don’t give ya scuse to kill
Her husband caught me in his shack naked not alone
Had to shoot or it was my blood gonna spill

Counting hours here on death row ain’t no place to be
Everyone round here knows that yawl about to die
Make room fella’s theys a dead mans walking
Smell of sorrows trail the green mile straglin’ by

Yesterdays horrors haunt the oncoming evil squall
Winds shouting Abandon all hope ye who enter here
Thunder and lightning crackle mocking at my conscience
Crowd awaits my death while shedding not a tear

Strapped to a chair by the pains of all of my victims
Collective anticipation of life departing from my soul
A pinch in the arm and slight burn of the killing fluids
My audience smiles to see me lose all my control

Justice is a precarious and problematic concept
One mans beneficial deed another’s repugnant act
Slippery slopes and a blindfolded constitution
May be the reason the bells of liberty are cracked

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