No Way To Treat A Lady

no way

Preying the young in the stealth of evening
The visitation of his demented perversions
Unleashing his vile for an immoral pleasure
Deviant forcing them his unholy excursions

Disregarding the freedoms of his unwary victim
He pried deeply into her most intimate sanctums
Inflicted unwanted passions upon her at will
Not adhering her pleas to impose moral sanctions

Eagerly mounting innocence with pain sacrilegious
Another conquest for him to spread on his wall
Unbridled with guilt of inflicting unwanted filth
No ones conscience would he ever answer to at all

I whimper my compassion of her tragic dilemma
Tears of all the innocents they seep down my cheek
Nary one soul on behalf of the victim stands up
Sanctimoniously unable for her benefit to speak

Guilty perversions outdone by the turning of heads
The silent congregations hails phony of faith
Who observe in silence chanting boys will be boys
As the woman’s soul becomes one shattered wraith

New Paradigm (Double Edged Sword)


The scars of his words will never fade

Hiding the bruises from his hit parade
Across her neck his fingers played
“Come my sweet child don’t be afraid”

Near every night behind mommies back
Daddy sadistic begins the attack
She wished she had strength to stab in a knife
Too shamed to fight back and regain her life

Inside she cried
Nowhere to hide
Her hero had lied
Wish he had died

People downstairs yet she feels so alone

It makes her ears bleed to hear that fuck moan

She hates the sick bastard straight down to the bone

A callous old pervert laughs a despicable tone

Everybody loves him because nobody knows

Behind bedroom curtains betrayed blood flows

Her anger and anguish continually grows

Some day she will fight back defending the blows

Inside she cried
The bastard lied
All hopes subside
Inside she died

Suddenly it just stopped when Daddy was bored

From out of her room little sister was lured

Gathered her anger and questioned her lord

Then straight through his heart plunged the double edge sword

Oblivious in prison she’s just serving her time

Pre meditated murder they named as her crime

The punching and raping now seems so sublime

Kill a sadist -go to prison- the new paradigm

Inside she’s dead
Free from his bed
She smiled as he bled
But he’s finally dead

Little sister is confused but safe in her room

Never had to deal with the pain or the gloom

Big sisters away Mom cries all the time

Prays every night for a new paradigm

The place where this happened where it went down

A place called “this never happens in this kind of town”

A sickness this vile needs a double edged saber

Look around closely you could save a neighbor

Inspired by a newspaper article from back in the seventies.