No Way To Treat A Lady

no way

Preying the young in the stealth of evening
The visitation of his demented perversions
Unleashing his vile for an immoral pleasure
Deviant forcing them his unholy excursions

Disregarding the freedoms of his unwary victim
He pried deeply into her most intimate sanctums
Inflicted unwanted passions upon her at will
Not adhering her pleas to impose moral sanctions

Eagerly mounting innocence with pain sacrilegious
Another conquest for him to spread on his wall
Unbridled with guilt of inflicting unwanted filth
No ones conscience would he ever answer to at all

I whimper my compassion of her tragic dilemma
Tears of all the innocents they seep down my cheek
Nary one soul on behalf of the victim stands up
Sanctimoniously unable for her benefit to speak

Guilty perversions outdone by the turning of heads
The silent congregations hails phony of faith
Who observe in silence chanting boys will be boys
As the woman’s soul becomes one shattered wraith

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