Where The Fuck Is My Karma


The Universe is The Abyss
Vast and dark
Full of mysteries
What we call life
Some say it’s a miracle
Others say its Kismet
Or collective consciousness
Alpha and omega
Birth and death
All in the infinite chasm
The abyss has laws
And a truth
But laws are lies
Truth is honest
The one Universal truth?
Life isn’t fair
No good deed goes unpunished
All I really want to know of life is
Something that’s missing
Where is my fucking Karma
But maybe Karma is just memories
The memories that hide in darkness
Remembering is so much harder when we can’t see
Yet I put all my heart in the concept of karma
Hoping its real……




In the days of nights
I chased empty headlights
All the sights and frights
Plus a few fist fights
While reaching for the heights
I yearned and I learned
And what did I earn?
I just got burned
So I made a U-turn
To go home and make my amends
Was I successful
I guess that depends
Just don’t ask my friends
For they will defend my offenses
At least the real ones will
I chose to repent
Let others air vents
Let day shine in the night
Make the moon shake with fright
So what I really want to know
Where the fuck did my Karma go
Doing the right thing just didn’t bring
Redemption or forgiving or anything
Because Karma don’t give a spit
Bout who you are or what good you did
It’ll leave you stranded and buried in shit
A flame all alone in the wind of misfits
It aint revenge for bickering or snickering
Its just a word to ease the wilt
Of what we tell ourselves to ease our guilt
Karma’s a hoax we have built
Because that’s our ilk
A scarred and lonely crowd that’s far too loud
Clinging desperately to a fast moving cloud
Maybe if we promise to make God proud
Take cover beneath the religion shroud
But that’s not allowed
Not by The Abyss
So we turn our fragile minds and hide in our armor
Come on big Pharma
Give me some pills or give me some Karma



I subscribe to a positive vibe and apologize for this diatribe
But Goddam it how does one describe this feelings inside?
Mama told me I’d survive once Karma arrived but I was denied
Worse still I was alive and Karma was deprived…
I just cried
How long must I wait for my moment to thrive
Will I get my comeuppance while I’m still alive
Or will I die waiting to be revived
I was rehabilitated and humiliated while standing naked
Vulnerable and afraid of my own dehumanization
Praying creation would not bring my damnation
But making things legit became a fixation
Tried so hard to make things right
To make life tight
For so many years I did the good thing
Gave of my time offered my wings
But karma laughed and gave me the spurn
Got no return
Just got burned
Karma left me without having my turn
I believe in a spiritual transformer
I’m a tried and true performer
Righted my wrongs
Harmonized my songs
Still I never belonged
Destiny you owe me
I sowed the seeds that you sold me
Did good deeds like you told me
And what did I get in return?
Went from harmer to charmer
From reaper to farmer
But no matter how kind
What I need I could never find
And I don’t want to alarm her…..
But where the fuck is my Karma



Whirlpool of Worries



(Freestyle Beat Poetry)
Shit is spinning concentric, we all sound eccentric
Without evidence forensic are we still geocentric?
Cause The American dream fell apart at the seams
No more it seems of Norman Rockwell scenes
Scientists tell us to hurry before we get lost in the flurry
Religion says don’t worry, god will clear up what’s blurry
Its not celestial storming
Its just Global warming, go ahead and drill don’t heed the warnings
Oil money will be swarming now that DC reforming
Big business thriving, species struggle at surviving
Environment corroding covered in grease its foreboding
My head explodes across aimless roads
As the earth erodes and our world implodes
Feel the destruction due to the mayhem it knows
With electronic devices recruiters entice us
To kill dice and slice us, with a fucking crisis called Isis
And the deliria in Syria causing bedlam hysteria
A myriad of bacteria, Ebola growing like wisteria
Gives us early dismissals
Turncoats are blowing their whistles, Little countries are firing missiles
Nuclear expansion despite the objection of global officials
Rivers burning in flames, charcoal dark skies
Endless White House lies put fear in kids eyes
Governments using their spies until all justice dies
Fuck it all lets build a wall
The Immigrants are classless, huddled in masses
The tired and poor say a few refugees more
While back in our homes we buy new iPhones
Just leave it alone, this useless stalling
WWIII comes a calling the walking dead begin crawling
Our Democracy is falling!
Plutonium enrichment is causing world wide friction
The president has a predilection, his nuclear code fingers itching
To blow up the obstructions mass killing is seduction
Magnetic conduction, global temperature reduction
Stalling reproduction until nothing is born
It’s all too insane
Circling the drain in a vortex of pain
This “Ball of Confusion” ain’t an illusion
The whirlpool of worrying has us all scurrying
Trying to make sense of this shit we keep getting buried in
Scratch and claw, shock and awe
No order no law an anarchists construction
Mutually assured mass destruction
One big Mother Fucktion
But I’m not worried
I’ll just be one more deduction

Forgotten Kids Of The Sand




Children of the sand and blood
Weaned on the teat of devastation
Hiding amongst decaying bodies
Limbs scattered across the caravans
On the weary road to democracy
Burnt offerings on Sabbath afternoons
Trickling briny droplets of desperation
Oil oozing from their open wounds
The desert kids scream out in silence
Drying their eyes on a desert sandstorm
While micturating into the Arabian wind
No one cares about you young ones
You’re children born of the desert sin
A pawn on the global chessboard
But have no fear my friend
Bombs are coming to drill for oil
And displace you once again


Nighttime glows in flash of fire
Strobe light oracles of destruction
Lighting the way so they can kneel
Praying East ward for a better day
But explosions topple any serenity
While the generals smile and take a bow
Their bombs roaring thunderous applause
A child looks up and cries as shrapnel flies
With sand caked orbs the children weep
Naked and alone in the ravaged street
Without a scrap of food to eat
Because no one cares of your plight
Just a casualty in an endless fight
Children don’t equate to profits
But they absorb the sorrows of prophets
Warning that arrows of aggression fly
Burning throughout the nighttime sky
Winds blow hopeless in glassless window panes
Acid rains
Buzzing drones replace the stars overhead
Missiles drill deep for Sultans tallow
Scaring the bones down to the marrow
But we can’t hear the child who cries
We’re to busy purchasing lies


The desert carpet smolders with smoke
Singing the children’s lungs, making them choke
They can’t even flee the ruins created by uncivil unions
Surrounded by uniforms of atrocity and hate
Charred remains of civilization
The dismantling of an entire nation
The memories shiver and hide the guilt
The lambs left to graze in crimson silt
The generals try hard to forget the horrors they have seen
Because if they remember
They’ll be forced to hang their heads in shame
Never be able to wage war again
Nor order one more devastating attack
So they just turn their backs
Pray their souls up to the skies
So we can all shut our eyes
Not look at the abhorrent assault
And pretend the plight of the desert kids
Is really not our fault
Don’t just be anti-war, be pro-peace.. Live and Love in Peace



Who Am I Now

who p


Modern beat poetry incorporating a Dylan Thomas technique

And giving Props to On The Waterfront and Palooka-ville


Who Am I Now



Who am I now

What have I become

Every button undone

Unfinished and diminished

A life on the run

Am I not still my mothers son?

She drew me a map to Wall Street

But I got turned around

Jumped on the fastest one way

Headed straight out of that town

I was gonna be someone

I was gonna be a man

She gave me her best directions

But I still turned and ran

I don’t care I love her

But she pushed me under

Its not that I’m trying to offend her but

I coulda been a contender

Instead of a bum

Which is what’s become


Who am I now




Who am I now

What have I turned into

Vacant and complacent

The highs I just keep chasing

Became a loser and a boozer

Always cruising for a bruising

A substance abuser who screwed her

And wouldn’t renew her

An epic fail falling off the rail

Looking for someone to pay my bail

I may look like I made it but

Oh my Gawd

There’s nothing left standing when

You tear down my façade

No more lightning rod

You don’t understand

I coulda had class

I could been somebody

I could taken my shot

Instead I got laughed at

A lot


Who am I now


Perceptions of a Desert trip



Homage to Alan Ginsberg, poet laureate for the pioneers of meaningful enlightenment and Jim Morrison, The Lizard King. May they both forever Rock In Peace.)



A Yaqui medicine man by the sands of an arid graveyard treated Jim and friends for underdeveloped perception. He opened his bag of dreams and together they traveled through the eaves of perceptions in search of meaning. Like any mind bending trip created in the dark it’s truth would soon come to light…….




The desert horizon smiled broad at suns close

Atomic tangerine beams bouncing in chaos

Sanguine dreams scratched sensory trails

Across the hot steamy orange hazed sky

A mural of living poisons formed in a cloud

Painted by the brush of the cannabis queen

From a palette of peyote and mescaline hues

Hallucination dust was rising up in Mr. Mojo

Speeding shadows dash across the desert floor

Like amphetamine eating arachnids and….


Oh my God the cacti, the fucking cacti

Spiked emerald armies of angiosperms

Arms raised in communion with the Agave God

Stand in glory waiting the mushroom lords command

The shiny green skin oozed psilocybin fungus

Instant Zen

An obscured coyote pants curiously at Lizard King

Who slithers cautiously across the sun burnt sand

Mr. Mojo alight in a psychedelic rain of prisms

The coyote retreat to its den

Time for some more hashish

In agreement the with Lupine Prince they go

Another hit of acid will do the trick for us all

The seller of wares appears in a green convertible

Tambourine vials of moods happy and numb

I have songs I play so you can hear the vision

Notes to make your fantasies dance

But here in the once ocean floor palace

Some apparitions and a mirage I think

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide mixed with THC

The moodman put them On The Road with Dean

Cowboy Neal at the wheel of the bus

Kerouakesque travels along surreal highways

More hallucinogenic dust


An unscheduled stop for a roadside attraction

Chemical larvae hitching along Rt 66

Looking for the map to the doors of perception

The Lizard Monarch offered a sugar cube caterpillar

Whose cocoon blossomed into a strange but beautiful creature

The sun knelt and prayed then bid then adieu

An experience of great spiritual importance

Outside the lair of the coyote Mojo bows in homage

Gave blessing to the terra statue of Buddha in drag

The Lizard King salivates licking his eye

His vision blurred but never clearly obscured

And They all saw things they’d never saw before

The moment they stepped over the border

Past the chaos and disorder





Before I sink

Into the

Big sleep

I want to hear

I want to hear


Of the butterfly

When the music’s over, turn out the light-J.M.-




The Censor (In praise of Ginsberg)


Words are hollow when void of intent
Vehicles of idea’s often removed from the road
Save for the words of sanctimonious incontinent
Orated by contemptuous preachers of pyrite alters
Clandestine crowds scream repent like an empty echo
Indoctrinated by their own fears
My words enjoy freedom
My inner thoughts cannot be dissected or infected
Censure me until I howl
Howl at the best minds of all generations
I will shout from the bowels of my entrails
Fuck you!
Now erase that from your mindless pomposity of egotistic rhetoric my censor
Whence erased I will whisper it thrice more
Fuck you fuck you fuck you!
Let the vulgarity resound across the echoes of self righteousness
For what is a whisper but an echo from the past
Uttered then forgotten
I watched as your angels staggered the hallway of red luminescence
Hoping to be bathed away in sabbatical confession
Winged followers staggering out by the dozen
Damning the practitioners of asexual dreams
Scorning the interracial existence bound for destiny
Yet lifting up the sanctimony of the matrimonial betrayed
Praising the scholars of death by war
In the cathedral of the absurd where hallowed rain murdered vulgarity
Buried its words in a tomb of satin linen
Laced with nylon garters of impropriety
With his blessing go forth
To sin once again
Void of intent

In Praise Of The Sunrise


(Inspired by my favorite Beat Poet)
A wrathful thunder shouted across a peaceful eve
Screaming its warning of a lightless abyss ahead
The brilliant sun god archer draws back its bow
Releasing its bright arrows towards the east
Directly into the heart of a rust colored Kimono
The surreptitious shards of amber energy emerged
Attempting to sneak up upon the quiet shore
Only to be left soaked in somber clouds of destiny
The landscape lay buried in ashen solitude
Arcane darkness glowed from the eyes of death
From out of a skull of ancient days passed by
Trees stood by tall in carnal anticipation
Rainbows shivered in the back of the line
The smoke of anguished laughter rose out of sight
And daytime strutted down the red carpet
Absorbing the cheers of its legion of fans
The bright yellow master glowed white on the paths
Thank you for rising to endow us another day