Forgotten Kids Of The Sand




Children of the sand and blood
Weaned on the teat of devastation
Hiding amongst decaying bodies
Limbs scattered across the caravans
On the weary road to democracy
Burnt offerings on Sabbath afternoons
Trickling briny droplets of desperation
Oil oozing from their open wounds
The desert kids scream out in silence
Drying their eyes on a desert sandstorm
While micturating into the Arabian wind
No one cares about you young ones
You’re children born of the desert sin
A pawn on the global chessboard
But have no fear my friend
Bombs are coming to drill for oil
And displace you once again


Nighttime glows in flash of fire
Strobe light oracles of destruction
Lighting the way so they can kneel
Praying East ward for a better day
But explosions topple any serenity
While the generals smile and take a bow
Their bombs roaring thunderous applause
A child looks up and cries as shrapnel flies
With sand caked orbs the children weep
Naked and alone in the ravaged street
Without a scrap of food to eat
Because no one cares of your plight
Just a casualty in an endless fight
Children don’t equate to profits
But they absorb the sorrows of prophets
Warning that arrows of aggression fly
Burning throughout the nighttime sky
Winds blow hopeless in glassless window panes
Acid rains
Buzzing drones replace the stars overhead
Missiles drill deep for Sultans tallow
Scaring the bones down to the marrow
But we can’t hear the child who cries
We’re to busy purchasing lies


The desert carpet smolders with smoke
Singing the children’s lungs, making them choke
They can’t even flee the ruins created by uncivil unions
Surrounded by uniforms of atrocity and hate
Charred remains of civilization
The dismantling of an entire nation
The memories shiver and hide the guilt
The lambs left to graze in crimson silt
The generals try hard to forget the horrors they have seen
Because if they remember
They’ll be forced to hang their heads in shame
Never be able to wage war again
Nor order one more devastating attack
So they just turn their backs
Pray their souls up to the skies
So we can all shut our eyes
Not look at the abhorrent assault
And pretend the plight of the desert kids
Is really not our fault
Don’t just be anti-war, be pro-peace.. Live and Love in Peace



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