no way

This ain’t no way to live
Wake up to a challenge every day
Steaming hot cup of liquid courage
Before we get up and on our way

This ain’t no way to live
Everyday just like the one before
At night a wine glass full of forget
Because existence is such a bore

This ain’t no way to die
On this here slow ride carousel
Find yourself a Sunday congregation
Keep your ass from burnin in Hell

This ain’t no way to die
A mirror that fills the heart with rage
Showing how bad we neglect ourselves
Each day without mercy reveal our age

This ain’t no way to live
Chasing dollars just so we can eat
Feeling inferior to the big boss man
Doing what we do to make ends meet

This ain’t no way to live
Never really getting anything finished
Except maybe a weekend to do list
Accomplishments always seem diminished

This ain’t no way to die
Bucket list full of never got done
Get buried somewhere out in Stepford
Without having ever gone on that run

This ain’t no way to die
With a soul full of empty unkept quests
Never having chased the honest dream
Destined to return back to our nests

No way
This ain’t no way
No way to live or die
Ending up in the end
Never knowing why
No way
That game we have to play
That life ending ballet
Do we really have to stay
No Way

The Meh! ta-physical Life


I don’t have a death wish, I’m not looking to die or anything but it just seems that life has hit the ultimate meh point. Get up in the morning in a daily battle with a snooze alarm, drag myself into the shower, then realize I am a slave to caffeine. Meh!

Off to work like all the other drones in a metal box on wheels that become magnetized once on the highway attracting mostly shitty drivers who either give me the finger, or are on the recipient end of my finger. Anger and frustration builds as the daily commute sucks out what little gleam the morning shower temporarily imparted. Meh!

Get to work and speak in robotic tones and ask everyone else how their day was. I notice we are all dressed pretty much the same, as if we were dressed by the copy machine in what they call business attire, and my highly prized quality of uniqueness swirls down the drain of corporate team concept. Meh!

Lunch is often the highlight, or it was before I began to get concerned about the extra fifty pounds that was hiding in bleachers during graduation just waiting for me to get into the real world where people eat to relieve tress. Today another quinoa wheatberry chicken and raisin salad with raspberry vinaigrette. Heh!
Fan-friggen-tastic, workday over time to punch out and get back in the metal box to find my way back to where I started, with a host of new finger givers and receivers, only this time its with open eyes. Meh!

Home again, back to the comfort zone. I get to remove these movement restrictive clothes and put on some sweats and a tee, have some dinner an find my spot on the couch. Maybe a glass of red tonight, it was a pretty stressful Monday. Meh!

So you see, life has become meh! ta-physical, but then I guess metaphysics is cool, you know abstract concepts, the fundamental essence of being, the intersection of time and space with cause and effect, and….you know what, I’m really too tired to deal with all this philosophical bullshit right now, I’m stressed out, tired and just feel….Meh!
What’s on TV tonight?