Torn Out Page



From the book of me

A page torn

Of a life forlorn

Sipping on scorn

Swallowing thorns

A torn out page

From a book of rage

Much too full of age

And too short on sage


No matter how fast my legs may take me

The past sneaks behind as if to forsake me

When I think it has left its still there behind me

With a lightning flash searing it blinds me

Filling my pages with misguided dreams

Promises made were not what they seemed




The days of my youth

Define me as reckless

Ill thought plans

My mirror reflection

The heart of rebellion

The brains of a fool

Trying to be popular

Hoping to be cool

Living in consequence

Doing my time

Running away

But its always behind

But time catches up in fiery vengeance

Rifts made so deep no time can mend it

A constant reminder of all I have been

Swimming is whisky dancing with sin

Young and naïve not taking life serious

All that enthusiasm made me delirious

Times heals superficial leaving pain deep inside

A future to outrun with a past I can’t hide

But one thing I have learned

The pain doesn’t stay

It may seem eternal

But it slithers away

Leaving a trail

Scars in our hearts

Tattooed on our souls

Etched on our parts

Ashen and pale

We look to the sky

Unreachable goals

So why even try


Look in my eyes soaked profound in despair

Eyes deep of wrinkle and a head without hair

Life is just a wisp of breath like vapors on a mirror

The older your eyes the more you see clearer

Truths are written if my orbs can stay open

Until the breath dissipates erasing times slogan



The story of a life

From start to finish

Written on the wind

Like words in a scrimmage

Once the protagonist

Now just a viewer

The nights they get longer

As the days become fewer

Spirit and sage on every stage

Acting the fool and feeling the rage

When the last chapter rises

Revealing a crisis

Just a torn out page

Time spent in a cage

Looking to be free

Of myself

That’s me

An anecdote in the rain

Gathering pain

As it runs down the drain

Sometimes life sucked

My arms holding sin

Belly full of gin

Never knowing where to begin

Or how to lose or how to win

Living stagnant

Dying slow

Here’s where its at

Take my advice let it go



Life sucks so suck it up

Stop whining about life and change it

Only you can rearrange it

Don’t be a drag

Make your life what you want

Or hoist the white flag


Live for today….Peace


Time to Go ( Final Love Song)

time to go


When its time for me to go

When I cant stay here anymore

When its time for me to leave

Will you walk me to the door

Hold me closely just once more


My heart begins to grieve

I’ll tear my heart off of my sleeve

When its time for me to leave




Its my time

I have to go

Not your fault

I loved you so

Our yesterdays

So far away

My tomorrow

Has come today

My time is here

My world is dark

The next adventure

Left to embark




When my welcome mat is frayed

My final hands been played

Will you walk me to my home

Remember days we once had known

I don’t want to be alone

But this day I can’t postpone

It’s time to leave

There’s nothings left

Left to improve on

So its time that I move on

I have to leave



Its my time

I have to go

Not your fault

I loved you so

our yesterdays

So far away

My tomorrow

Is here today

My time is here

My world grows dark

One last adventure

To embark





When its time for me to go

The time has come

My final exit

There is no time

I just accept it

Maybe regret it

Will you walk me down that path

Take away my ire and wrath

Allow me some release

Let me leave here with a little peace

Will you walk me to my car

Write our names up on a star

Sing a song as I go out

Then shout

That you miss me

With a sweet melody

So I can sing it back to you

As I leave



And I know that you are hurting

But I face the final curtain

Just want you to know

As you walk me to my sleep

I’ll always love you

Your heart I’ll keep

But its time for me to go


Will you walk me to me bed

With your arms around my head

Remember days we both had shared

Hold me tight because I’m scared

But we both know

Its time to go





my lai

Dragon of death breathes over the village
Confusion cringing in fear of it’s God
Army of ghosts assemble in path of doom
Frightened by a flag of anger as they squirm
Panicked families under the heels of misfortune
Clouds rain fire across the jungle acid pathways
The red moon sniffles as it bleeds tears of sorrow
Domination spreads like a cancerous growth
Babes no longer sent to march into Toyland
Machine guns spitting shame across the oceans
Shocking the world with one cruel heartless deed
The weight of massacre befallen all of humanity
Anger and shame have defeated their innocence
Women and children slaughtered in claws of war
Not healthy for children and other living things
Cancel war and subscribe to peace
Before its too late