There is no reward for hatred
Yet so many stand in its shadow
Rising in their self spirituality
To serve as the executioner
In the name of a religion
Such ignorance!
Religion is a set of principles
Spirituality is whats in the heart
The murder of innocence has no chamber
In any heart nor any principle
So you worship a religion with it’s heart removed
Leaving you only hate, anger, and cowardice
Never do your own bidding in the name of any God
For it is only evil that shall gladly embrace you
And yet here we are again today
Having to grieve for strangers
Because we and they are human
And love and pain fill our hearts together
I convey my love and thoughts to the UK this day
Because you all suffer collectively
For the loss of unimaginable hurt
The loss of true innocence
Looking to live out an evening of fantasy
Filled with joy and love
Only to be forced to live a lifetime cut short
In the name of a twisted ideology
I love you my brothers and sisters suffering
Together we shall make a show of strength
I pray that love will always win over hate
But I fear my heart shall be bruised once more



Under The Tyranny Of The Gun

Al-Shabaab insurgents in Somalia

Blood exchanged for diamonds
Life removed for gold
The children of a country
Are being bought and sold
Communities are frightened
Populations of fear on the run
Innocent and oppressed living and dying
Under the tyranny of the gun

Bullets are their masters
Killing helps to thin the herd
Soldiers before reaching puberty
Obey the new masters word
They’ll rape your only daughter
Make a man out of your son
Never know peace of freedom living
Under the tyranny of the gun

Guerilla warfare in a pick up truck
Weaponized citizens rule the soul
Slice off limbs to prove a point
Spilling blood to maintain control
A mothers tears can sign no treaties
No fathers wars are ever won
Take my life its not worth living
Under the tyranny of the gun