Her ………… (A Retro Beat Poetry Narrative)


All those things she said
Promising her bed
Gave the go ahead
On her leash she led
Led my swollen head
Told me she could hold me and unfold me in her bed
Said it with such clarity
Spoken in vulgarity
She offered me some charity
A momentary lapse of clarity
We formed a carnal parity
With genital dexterity

She began to purr
My loins began to stir
Life became a blur
All because of Her
The way we were
I was in love with Her

This then is the story of
The days of all my glory love
The day my love was shoved
My senses falling from above
On the day I fell in love
With Her

She had me in her trap
Pleading in her lap
Her love clamped on me so tight that night I thought my rod would snap
I was hungry for release
A gentle erotic squeeze
A gentle pleasing tease
Salacious wonton please
She held me back until I cracked then had me begging on my knees
Begged her not to leave
I began to freeze until
She brought me to release
Released me with a moan
I let out a happy groan
She held me firm so I would learn that I was hers to own
She had me by the bone
Held me firm and made me squirm
Ejaculated me emasculated me
Then left me all alone

I guess I should have known
Known it from the start
She would break my heart
That we would one day part
She took away my dignity, flashed it right in front of me then tore my world apart

I guess I realized
It came as no surprise
She made me cry spinning webs of lies a devil spider in disguise
A string of hapless flies
Just should have realized
But those haunting sexy eyes
The eyes that mesmerize
Seducing me then reducing me just for exercise
Here’s what took me in
She let me revel in her sin
Deep inside her skin
Silken satin skin
Her satin and her lace
Sex enhanced embrace
Her sensual lustful taste
Absent was the mysteries we both had sordid histories neither of us was chaste
Ours was no disgrace
We really rocked the pace
Sexed in every place
Each and every room
Orgasmic sonic boom
Rumbled from her womb

First she led me on
A willing studly pawn
Getting her off and on
Then poof… She was gone
She learned me as she spurned me but the sex I got was so damn hot
It burned me
Burnt me with a pout
But the flame of lust went out
Gone without a doubt
Won’t copulate on the floor
Or fornicate any more
She threw me out the door

Left my face all sallow
Now I’m just a lone shadow
Alone and shallow
No value
Darkness now surrounds me
How does she confound me
Bodies entwined we used to grind until the day she ground me
Ground me into dust
Left me aching in my lust
Wouldn’t let me get back in
Wouldn’t let me touch her skin
Driving me insane
Like unwanted dismal rain
A puddle of carnal pain
Desires will accrue
Left with balls of blue
Nothing I could do

One should never trust
Relations built on lust
At first there’s so much thirst until the thirst begins to rust
Boring rusty sex
Has profound effects
She don’t care no more your out the door with the rest of the rejects
But at least we can still be friends
How bout it? Well that depends
That’s the way it ends

Time erases the regret
Yet her I’ll never forget
I thanked her for the mammary and thanked her for the memory and sweat
The hot and sweaty carousal
The times when our arousal
Made her flush and pink
Had us at the brink
Orgasms in sync
that’s why I think
Still always think
About Her

Dry Hurtful Eyes

dry hurtful eryes

(A Stream Of Consciousness narrative)

These tired dormant eyes
Dry and hurtful
Need to apologize
Because these sorry eyes
Water in anticipation
Of her livid provocation
Agony yet to come
Outweighing the pain present
Leaving me frightened
Anxiety tightened
Like a noose
At the end of my rope
Been such a dope
Still I’m frightened
Fear is heightened
She’s been enlightened
Her anger tightened
Across my heart
I rebuff!
Is I’m sorry enough?
Get us through this stuff
Or is it too late
Too late to imitate
A faking lover at her gate
Can it possibly abate
Ease her irate
Her irate zeal unconcealed
I’ll shiver a liars spiel
No deal!
No I must reveal
What is real
Her sex appeal is at my wheel and she’s driving me to kneel
For having dry hurtful eyes?
Shed a tear
With that certain air of saviore faire
And show I care, say a prayer, make me swear
I’ll clear the air?
That’s all she wants
Show her some compassion
My face all ashen
Ashamed I fell prey to passion
That’s so old fashioned
My libido was flashing
My loins were thrashing
My sense went crashing
So I was thrashing
In the wrong bed
How can I make this up?
What can I do to prove my love to you?
Cut my heart in two
Both halves just for you
I will if you want me to
I’d walk the walk of shame
Accepting all the blame
I’m begging on my hands and knees please let me now reclaim
The love we once knew
My love for you is true
I wish I never strayed
Look at the price I paid
A fate that I deserve
But please let me preserve
I’ll never stray again
Please let me say again
I’m sorry and I love you
And though I’m undeserving of you
Please let me appologize
Free of all disguise
I want you to realize
I have dry hurtful puupy eyes
Please take me back inside
I’ll do whatever it takes
Forgive me