Whirlpool of Worries



(Freestyle Beat Poetry)
Shit is spinning concentric, we all sound eccentric
Without evidence forensic are we still geocentric?
Cause The American dream fell apart at the seams
No more it seems of Norman Rockwell scenes
Scientists tell us to hurry before we get lost in the flurry
Religion says don’t worry, god will clear up what’s blurry
Its not celestial storming
Its just Global warming, go ahead and drill don’t heed the warnings
Oil money will be swarming now that DC reforming
Big business thriving, species struggle at surviving
Environment corroding covered in grease its foreboding
My head explodes across aimless roads
As the earth erodes and our world implodes
Feel the destruction due to the mayhem it knows
With electronic devices recruiters entice us
To kill dice and slice us, with a fucking crisis called Isis
And the deliria in Syria causing bedlam hysteria
A myriad of bacteria, Ebola growing like wisteria
Gives us early dismissals
Turncoats are blowing their whistles, Little countries are firing missiles
Nuclear expansion despite the objection of global officials
Rivers burning in flames, charcoal dark skies
Endless White House lies put fear in kids eyes
Governments using their spies until all justice dies
Fuck it all lets build a wall
The Immigrants are classless, huddled in masses
The tired and poor say a few refugees more
While back in our homes we buy new iPhones
Just leave it alone, this useless stalling
WWIII comes a calling the walking dead begin crawling
Our Democracy is falling!
Plutonium enrichment is causing world wide friction
The president has a predilection, his nuclear code fingers itching
To blow up the obstructions mass killing is seduction
Magnetic conduction, global temperature reduction
Stalling reproduction until nothing is born
It’s all too insane
Circling the drain in a vortex of pain
This “Ball of Confusion” ain’t an illusion
The whirlpool of worrying has us all scurrying
Trying to make sense of this shit we keep getting buried in
Scratch and claw, shock and awe
No order no law an anarchists construction
Mutually assured mass destruction
One big Mother Fucktion
But I’m not worried
I’ll just be one more deduction

Viva La Revolution or Still feeling the Bern



As a child of the 60’s who participated in a political revolution to help end the war in Vietnam, reduce nuclear arms, address civil rights, and generally promote love, acceptance, and tolerance I am immensely proud of the youth of America who recently joined in the new political revolution. By feeling the Bern you have made your voices heard loud across the country. You have all worked so hard, so tirelessly, yet so full of energy and enthusiasm everyone knows you’re there. It was emotional and empowering and gave many of us hope for the future, especially those of us called “radicals” back in the dark ages of the fifties.

Make no mistake, it was dark. Oh I know they make it sound like all the world was like Leave it To beaver or Father Knows Best with white picket fences and a surplus of cash, but here’s the reality. We had senator Joe McCarthy who formed the House Un-American committee which allowed the government free of punity to accuse, subdue, and try in a court anyone they even suspected of having close ties to Russia or Communism. He ruined many careers and many lives with his absurd paranoid accusations. We had contingency plans for when the Russians sent nuclear bombs to our country. In many of the southern states African Americans where called “Colored folks” and had to use separate drinking fountains and bathrooms, were often refused medical help from “Whites Only” hospitals and service from Whites Only food establishments. Other minorities were refused jobs in favor of less qualified whites and the government had zero transparency. We could go off and die in a war because our birthdays fell on a poor lottery number yet we couldn’t vote. Businesses and corporations were free to pollute the air and water at will regardless of how it effected the earth. Then the 60’s came calling and a political revolution was in the air. So while many look back on the 60’s as the turbulent decade in which the youth was blinded by drugs the truth is we made major strides in social equality. Not total, but significant. We held the government responsible for the deaths of American children they forced to fight in Vietnam. We forced them to reduce nuclear arms. That’s how social revolution works, a give and take. We took some rather large steps which seem to fade into the pop culture of drugs, sex, and rock and roll. We also took some steps backwards, between assassinations and the banning or imprisonment of our political leaders. It wasn’t perfect, but in the end we pushed the lines in the sand forward and continued challenging until too many of us either got caught up in the seductive world of greed or became complacent. I myself fell into the category of complacency because radicals became time warped burnt out hippies.

I understand how deflated many of you feel, we felt the same faced with defeats like the re-election of Nixon and the escalation of war but in the end we prevailed. Because revolutions aren’t exact, have no synchronistic movement, revolutions are choppy and irregular. I am also incredibly proud that it was Bernie Sanders, someone from a generation that won’t benefit personally from a revolution was able to garner the attention, compassion, and trust of the youth of America. Please understand one thing, Bernie did not sell you out. Bernie took a strategic hit for his cause because he knows that revolutions are devised of a few steps forward and then a step or two backward. Revolutions need to grow and nurture, learn how to walk. Bernie suffered a great personal sacrifice by stepping aside because he understands the bigger fight is to prevent us from embracing those backward ideals of the 50’s, which is where we will be headed if Trump wins. Not to mention losing all our status and integrity in the global world where things now travel at warp speed due to technology.

No one is more disappointed than Bernie himself. Not so much about not being president although I’m sure that stings, but disappointed in himself for not being able to carry you into victory. Hear this, your revolution is not over. It has taken a setback but it’s not over. It will however end if you allow a dictatorial candidate into office. A candidate who would be happy to have things the way they were before my generations political revolution. I’ll be the first to admit that far too many of the radicals of the 60’s Turned On and Tuned In really did Drop Out and part of the problem we fought hard to eradicate. Partly it was because we depended too much on using drugs as a means of angering the status quo, I can’t tell you how much fun it was to piss off my father by growing my hair long despite his objections and openly embracing Liberal ideals. It was also partly because as time goes by many people tend to forget that we are all one of the same, a part of a whole, and begin to wonder what’s in it for us personally. You have the power to end our complacency and continue your revolution, but you need to believe that your battlefield has changed, and not voting for Hillary isn’t a place to express your outrage but what Bernie would expect. Pleasedon’t give up the ground you’ve gained by allowing a giant step backward.
I am also very proud of how the youth of America has evolved culturally, become far more tolerant than days gone by. For the most part you embrace all religions or non-religions, all ethnicities, the LGBTQ community and you show compassion for one another as well as this magnificent planet our species has treated so poorly. Kudos’s to you, the young generation that will inherit a less than perfect world. Forward your generation as many leaps as you can, the entire globe will be better for your continues efforts.
Dig on this……The unfortunate truth in our country is that most of our modern presidential elections have come down to the lesser of two evils. In this particular election the more evil candidate, the one who can and will inflict the most damage to American society is glaringly obvious. His name alone emotes imagery of hate, anger, and violence, as well as a complete disregard for the ecology or rights of any and every culture that isn’t his own. At any rate, its your world now, and you will be influential in shaping the future of your world. I would have voted for Bernie, but The Bern is voting for Hillary so I’m chill with The Hill, hoping that Bernie will continue to have a strong voice for all of you…. Peace and

Resolution For The Hell Of It


If you’re old enough you may remember Abbie Hoffman, counter culture activist who wrote “Revolution for the Hell of It” as a follow up to his “Steal This book” novel, then like me you have broken so many New years resolutions the only sensible resolution is to never make another one. For me that’s been a long running resolution, I haven’t broken it for six years now. But like records resolutions are made to be broken so this year I will break that one to make room for some new ones. The prudent and easy thing to do would be to just take my bucket list and turn it into my resolution list. There’s two problems with that, first what fun would that be, and second and most important is I have never made a bucket list. In fact until I saw the movie I believed a bucket list to be all legs and thighs from KFC. Either that or a list of available buckets from Home Depot when it comes time to kick it.
On the brighter side, it already gives me my first resolution. I resolve to have an honest bucket list by the time 2014 comes to an end. Relatively easy so far, what’s next? I checked with Google to see what the top resolutions have been so I have a reference point. It seems the top resolutions are losing weight, quitting bad habits, exercising more, eating healthier, drinking less, learning more, and vacationing more. Then I looked at Google for a list of the top broken resolutions, and yup, same list! Well that sucks, I guess I better throw out that list and get creative.
Holy crap, that means I’m already up to three resolutions. 1, make a bucket list, 2 throw out the other resolutions, and 3 get creative. Having been out of the resolution racket for so long I’m not really sure how many resolutions are typical, what’s the norm? Back to Google. Not much help, I got lists of ten, forty, and fifty top new years resolutions. Best to just pick out the most meaningful and go with that, lose weight, exercise, and eat healthy, which realistically is one resolution. Lose weight by eating right and exercising. Now I have four, I think one more will make it five and that sounds like a sensible and fairly attainnable number.
I have always loved to read so to make it an even more achievable resolution list I added read more books, specifically ones I loved when I was younger, one that helped to shape my young mind. A few I already have and others I can buy with the Nook gift cards I received for Christmas.
I believe I am now ready to make my list. I will make a bucket list, throw out unachievable resolutions like less drinking or quitting bad habits because lets face it, if I am serious about a bucket list it gonna be jam packed full with bad habits and alcohol driven antics. I’ll keep on writing which will help me become more creative, I will moderately change my eating habits and walk more, and last but not least reread some of the books that were so important to me in my youth. This is a much more fun list to make, the books I’m going to reread. Siddhartha, A Clockwork Orange, The Teaching of Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda), The Stranger, The Prophet, Brave New World, Breakfast Of Champions, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, Steal This Book, and Revolution For The Hell Of It.
I looked over the list, felt it was relatively comprehensive then began reminiscing on how each of these books changed my life. Before reading these important works I was a naïve follower who like water always took the path of least resistance. I never objected to anything, I conformed to everything, allowed my opinions to be forged by my Mom and Dad, and basically offered no resistance to any aspect of life. But with each book I became more and more aware of myself, and how screwed up the authorities around me were. I became a rebellious long haired draft card burning member of the counter culture, growing my hair and adopting a hippie fashion style to piss off my parents, attending peace rallies, workshops for yoga, meditations and astral projection. I smoke the devils weed and danced with danger. I ingested liquid courage and chemical mind expanders. Drugs and rock and roll took my soul through eminent domain. Because of those magnificent works of literature I turned on and tuned in. Those books taught me well. So well in fact, that I’m saying fuck this resolution bullshit, I refuse to conform to mundane practices of the mainstream that are meaningless in the end. I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I want to do without any stupid lists pushing me to be someone I‘m not. So that’s it, nor resolution lists, one resolution and one only. Do whatever makes me happy. I’m having a resolution for the hell of it…I bet Abbie would be proud….PEACE