Climb Of Freedom




My past is my prison
Shame forged shackles
Enslaved for too long
When will I know freedom
Be proud of my name
Unchain my tortured soul
Find a sanction of solace
Immune from all my evils
Shall it be only once I cease?
Some say when you die
You must carry your cross
To the top of the mountain
The precipice of redemption
To confront absolution
Others say when you die
It’s the souls you must carry
Of all you have wronged
Their full ballast on one shoulder
Far to much weight to bear in solitary
Yet the path must be mine alone
Achieve my tribulations unencumbered
Atop the cliffs of eternity
Frightened I request company
Yet I know in my heart
I must climb up that onus unescorted
To the peak of my own making
Where my virtues are stained in blood
And my merits abashed into ruins
There I must stand before providence
Naked in my atonements
That I can finally commence
The unburdening of my ills
Then is when I find freedom
I’m also told that this is only a story
Archaic tales of meandering souls
But what are our souls
But a collection of our stories
Waiting to be told
Waiting to be free

Live and Love in Peace