Hunger Of The Gods


Power is the root
Sets lust afire
All the gods desire

All that is malevolent
Pernicious and vile
Food for the gods
Deceitful and guile

All that is evil
Wrapped up in greed
Money money money
To buy the power you need

Lie for it
Cheat for it
Harm for it
Beat for it

Scam for it
Huck for it
Swindle or
Fuck for it

Gimme the power
Gimme the juice
I got the money
Let’s cut and let loose

I only want more
I need to have power
To watch you all beg
To see you all cower

Money and power
Power and money
People will applaud you
Cuz people are funny

They want to be near
To bask in my splendor
Their lips on my ass
Praise the big spender

Trade for it
Drill for it
Love for it
Kill for it

Laugh for it
Cry for it
Live for it
Die for it

Power hungry
Money hungry
Profit hungry
People still going hungry

Materialism, narcissism, money worshippers
Head the words of James Marshall Hendrix
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”