Some heroes are caste when a tragedy strikes
Running headlong into dangerous situations
Some put their lives on the line every day
Braveness acknowledged in trifling citations

Other heroes are forged in blood of battlefield
With their backs to the wall they still fought
But one determined hero came into her own
Defending the right for young girls to be taught

Stronger than violence
Stronger than fear
Stronger than terror
Malala speaks clear

To all human beings
Of every nation
Give all people access
Worldwide education

Practioners of ignorance came into her school
With misplaced religion tucked under the coat
Pointed a death stick in the face of Malala
Tried to remove all the words in her throat

No bullet can silence the voice of the people
Harming one breeds many others who stand
Stare in the face of the cowardice factions
Proclaim to all who seek knowledge they can

Stronger than ignorance
Malala stands proud
Stronger than violence
Her voice pure and loud

Exuding integrity
At every length
Malala is bravery
Malala is strength

Stronger than fears
Stronger than violence
Stronger than hatred
She won’t be silenced

Strength is not determined by the might of muscle but the resilience of will. Malala is the strongest person I know of. Malala is my hero.


Killing For Peace


Bombs ripping up a once peaceful town
In an attempt to establish ersatz domination
Missiles of death won’t light the road to freedom
Killing for peace is a loathsome abomination

Humans lay dead some with limbs strewn about
Innocent children pay the wage of mans war
Chemical, biologic, or just old fashioned explosions
Blood upon the hands of the crowd as they roared

Shock and awe campaigns are strategies of terror
From behind desks a man calls for others to die
Then stands tall with the flags draping silent caskets
Making sure the public photo op shows him cry

Forcing surrender a displays of brutal capabilities
Percussion and flaming projectiles usher in fear
Flaming eruptions and devastation fills the voids
Weapons of mass destruction threatening our sphere

Peace can’t be won through massive eradication
Violence only attracts impassioned people of hate
Strive for peace with co-operative reconciliation
That path to co-existence should be lasting and great

Wars have us poised on the brink of annihilation
Killing of humans is absolved and glorified
Some get pumped up full of bravado and vigor
But the humanist of us are just left horrified

Because you can’t broker peace at the point of a blade
It takes compromise and the shaking of hands
The slaughter and destruction of cultures of people
Is no way to create peace through the lands

If you hide behind your religion waging battles and attacks
The integrity of your faith will for eternity dwindle
Murder in the name of Jehovah, God or Allah
Is nothing more than a sanctimonious swindle

“War is unhealthy for children an other living things”-60’s Hippie Slogan

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set then we would have peace“-John Lennon
“Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity“- George Carlin
“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind“- Mahatma Gandhi
“There was never a good war or bad peace“- Benjamin Franklin
“If we have no peace, its because we have forgotten that we belong to each other“-Mother Teresa
“Peace cannot be kept by force it can only be achieved by understanding“- Albert Einstein
“Wars are poor chisels for carving out peace“-Martin Luther King Jr.
“You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one“-John Lennon

An Arrow Escape (Finding Humanity in an inhumane world)


Paying it Forward To Mother Earth
J.T. Hilltop

There is so much bullshit going on in our world these days, citizens taking aim at governments, world economies collapsing or in danger, Typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes ravaging the earth, random shootings and mass killings around the world, its no wonder the news seems perpetually loaded down with either bad or worse news. A time of year we like to reserve for sharing and caring can become compromised by stories focusing on the dark side of our humanity. Social media adds fuel to the fire turning one time friends into mortal enemies over politics and religion. But politics and religion are beliefs, concepts, that are dissected, analyzed repackaged and force fed to us through various forms of media. We are constantly bombarded with sex, violence, racism, sexism, politics, and religion in negative ways. Its a wonder we haven’t collapsed ourselves under the weight of hypocrisy and injustice. I’m tired of the same old negative bullshit so I’m taking a break from my normal dry sarcastic warped view of the world to tell a feel good story. Nobody dies, nobody gets molested, no bombs or sex scandals, and no untruths slung around to discredit anyone‘s character. Not this time. This is my Hallmark Moment Story. Not the clever funny Hallmark moment, but the cute kittens, the lion and lamb together all too cute puppy licking baby to make you say awwww moment. And its just in time for Festivus. An to top it all off it has a happy Festivus miracle ending.
This story is a story of two of natures beautiful souls, on a helpless animal in distress and the other a caring humane woman who just may restore some faith in our species. The story of Susan Darrah, a compassionate player in the game of life and her odyssey she called “Saving Steve Martin”. A tale of paying it forward in the noblest of causes, the cause of humanity. Paying it forward because she felt a need to right a wrong created by a human being who carelessly shot an arrow into a helpless deer leaving it to fend for itself with that arrow stuck through its face. If I could I would apologize to Mother Earth for allowing such a horrendous act to have happened to one of her innocent creatures. I would then beg her not to judge us by the careless act of the shooter, but by the act of kindness and compassion that followed.
Susan Darrah spotted this wounded deer on her property in Rockaway New Jersey, a natures paradise of beauty and an area rich in wildlife. So rich with wildlife in fact that Ms. Darrah refers to the land as her “Susanghetti.” . The Susanghetti is home to bears, deer, fox, raccoons, skunk, possum and assorted birds, as well as 5 feral cats, 2 alpaca, an Afghan Hound, and 2 goats to help round it out. it’s a remarkable patch of nature overflowing with life being lived as its meant to. The philosophy of wildlife is simple, survive and multiply. Take advantage of what Mother Earth offers but leave some for the next critter. But that one day Susan spotted a young deer that had overlooked another important wildlife philosophy. Watch out for humans. For whatever reason someone had shot an arrow into the deer. Maybe an accident, maybe a hunter who chose not to follow through by tracking its wounded prey, hopefully not as a prank but an anomaly in the lifescape of Susanghetti to be sure. Proving not all of us are careless or lacking compassion Susan’s human instincts kicked in prompting her to act.
The first thing she did was to photograph the deer she lovingly named Steve Martin, who is famous for his arrow through the head routine among many other comical moments. Her hope was to bring as much attention as possible to deer Steve’s plight. She posted the picture on Facebook and developed a ring of compassionate people following the debacle. Susan gave us daily updates as all of her facebook friends watched helplessly hoping she would have good news one day. She placed calls to anyone and everyone who would listen until finally she made a connection with New Jersey Fish and Wildlife.
With Susan’s cooperation they set up outside the Susanghetti with a plan of rescue. After staking out for two days everyone’s luck changed and Little Steve Martin returned for some eats which Susan supplies. From a window inside a marksman from the New Jersey Fish And Wildlife shot a tranquilizer at Little Steve and successfully sedated him. They remove the arrow which fortunately was a screw point and applied anti-biotic. Once Steve woke up they released him back into the wilds of the Susanghetti. Susan has spotted him a few times coming to feed in the Susanghetti where she leaves food for all her extended family of nature. Little Steve Martin was saved!
I’ve viewed many stories related to the holiday season. People beating each other up over parking spots, trampling each other on black Friday, theft, shots fired at malls, people complaining about prices, and even fights over whether to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. That’s why this story is such an important story to me, because Susan’s actions define the reason of the season so much better than all the bullshit flashed over the media. So go ahead and enjoy whatever you chose to celebrate, and don’t focus on what you want or what you need to get someone, focus on following the example of a caring and compassionate human being who put a helpless animals concern ahead of her own. Susan has indeed reminded me that while there’s way too much anger and greed in the world, I can choose to surround myself with positive people who perform compassionate selfless good deeds looking for nothing in return.
Thank You Susan, an may you all have a safe and love filled holiday….PEACE

Go to you tube to see her story at……… Deer pierced in face with arrow @ …… http://youtu.be/vkIH8aP4DbU