Bounced Reality Check (Existentialist Lament)

check real



It’s reality
But who’s
Mine or yours
Is there a reality
Beyond my perception of truth
Is my existence absolute
Or is my world
Built on fantasies
Deceptions and lies
An uneven keel
Is society real
What is life
Silicon emotions at
The swallow of a pill
Gray matter degraded
By advertising swill
Corporate domination
Tearing down our will
Binary connections
Robbing us of skill
Chained to our touchtone
We all know the drill
How can this be real
All you can eat GMO buffet
Served the American way
Seasoned with poison
Paid with accounts receivable
Filling up our gullets
Stuffing political bank accounts
Betraying the people
Corporations aren’t natal
Advertising is fatal
Its chemical and psychological warfare
And big business don’t fucking care
The American nightmare
Reality disappears into the night air

Its not surprising that advertising is compromising by emphasizing
That they know our wants and needs
They’re fertilizing and sterilizing our minds and cognizant realizing
Super-sizing through product baptizing
Disenfranchising the monster it feeds
We’re idolizing what they’re franchising It’s downright tranquilizing and hypnotizing
Disguising the subliminal evil deeds

Subverting perverting converting reasserting inverting and spurting hate
Reminiscing something’s missing but insisting and assisting to dismiss love
Rage, rage against insanity
Reality is society
Society is a lie
Social order has become
A never-ending landfill
Mental garbage
Loading and uploading
Polluting our minds
And our homes
Slowly eating away at our brains
Tranquilizing our thoughts
Infiltrating our very essence
Reshaping our ego’s
While we smile
In our houses of worship
Real or imagined
Open or confined
Free you mind
Or follow blind

Chemical Dependency



A Flow of Consciousness Ramble in Modern Beat Poet Style


It started out just on weekends a bag here and a bag there. Shared some with my friends. A bag of chips with a liter of pop. Getting high on high fructose syrup, weekend end warriors hooked on Genetically Modified chemicals and now I can’t stop. I’m addicted to Wall Street’s Genetically Modified Poisons

I wanna leave but I just can’t go

I wanna stop but is has a hold

I see their poisons everywhere

But the ones I don’t see?

That’s what scares me

I’m hooked on the chemicals of Monsanto

They get their shit into my body and won’t let go

Who wins?

Big business honey making lots of money

They think its all too funny

Like artificial sun

Read it in the Wall Street tabloids

Their dollar value is on god damn steroids

Eat some. We’ll al be mindless androids

They even make GMO Altoids

Their poisons are tasty but so impure

They peddle their dope to the unsuspecting poor

But even the rich come back for more

Hell with inflation

Fuck the profiteers of chemical alteration

Why is it war and poisons that get our donation

Send the money mongers into damnation

Run the thoughtless bastards out of our nation

It’s Big Business masturbation


But that’s speculation

With big fat wallet smiles

At the supermarket aisles

Laughing to the bank with their money piles

GMO Frosted breakfasts aimed at the youth

Big business bullshitters never tell you the truth


Caustic soups and cancerous soda

Safe as drinking brake fluid from a Toyota

No stopping now its time for a recall

Before they kill us all

Know what else they got?

Poisons from the microwaves piping hot

The whole thing is a conspiracy plot

Controlling our minds

Well ultimately

They’re fucking us over subliminally

Chemical Dependency sold on TV

Who fucking buys it? You and me!



They really don’t care about us, the very best tool to deal with this is education. Worlds of information. Without discrimination. Search engines at our fingertips and we still seem to believe too much of what we hear without validation. Just a little research. The most dangerous shit is the shit they won’t tell us.



Genetic modification

Spreading across the nation

Causing chemical castration

Its corporate fornication

It’s all too much frustration

Profiting on maceration

Wall Street masturbation

Into profitable elation

Now we’re all hooked on chemical modification

Our breathing becomes constricted

From the chemicals inflicted

From the chemicals unrestricted

That’s keeping us addicted

Just like science has predicted

GMO’s must be evicted

But the practice will go unrestricted

And their crimes will be acquitted

No wrongs will be admitted

Even though poisons have been emitted

Criminal politicians are committed

To allow their rape on us permitted

Profiting the American way

Sponsored by the CIA

Endorsed by the NRA

Taped by the NSA

It doesn’t matter either way

We’ll make them hear what we have to say

Or we too will perish………

It’s our judgment day

If you believe in something, say something. The only power we have is the power of each other. Share concerns, make yourselves heard, it’s your world kids, mine is coming to an end and it’s gonna be up to you. Live and Love in peace, truth, and harmony……..