Pearl white robe

pearl white

World ablaze in hues of gray
Broken waves of grain
Judgment burns in brimstone clouds
From radioactive rain

Smoking billows choking life
Atmospheric hazy danger
Giant redwoods scorched and charred
Atomic structure re-arranger

In fearful judgment the world awaits
Eyes bleeding from the strobe
From her bench the judge resides
Dressed in her pearl white robe

Sentence claimed in Armageddon
A post apocalyptic sorrow
No colors left to form a rainbow
Flesh burning through tomorrow

Gavel is pounded fate be damned
“They brought it on themselves”
Records of biologic mischief
Came tumbling off the shelves

As the earth awaits its fates the judge in pearl white robe berates

Crimes against humanity
You’re guilty of insanity
Propaganda peddlers
Double helix meddlers
Mass destruction your intention
time for judgment intervention
Knowledge used constructively
Is what progress was meant to be
Swung a metaphoric sword
Act as if you were the lord
So now you answer to the judge
The pearl white robe without a smudge
Sparkling pure as driven snow
Passing judgment down below
Crucify you for your hate
Hand you your deserved fate
You’re the species of distinction
Sentenced to your own extinction