Gun Lobby Oddity (A parody Of A Space Oddity)




Gun control to Major Tom
Gun control to Major Tom
Put your riffle down and put the safety on
Gun control to Major Tom

This is gun control to major tom
You’ve really been well paid
And the papers want to know how much you care
But its time to pass legislation if you dare
This is gun control to major tom
I’m asking for some laws
But your waffling in a most peculiar way
The guns on the street look different today
And here you are sitting in an ivory tower
Far above the world
And the earth looks crimson red
And the gun lobbies are overfed
Though we’ve tried one hundred thousand times
I’m feeling very ill
And I think we all now which way this should go
Tell the children that you love them
They should know
Gun control to major tom
There are children dead, there’s something wrong
Can you hear us major tom
Can you here us major tom
Can you hear us major tom
Can you hear, we’re all crying in a tin can
Outside the funeral homes
Everyone feels blue
But there’s something you can do

Gun control to Major Tom…. I understand you feel your right to own a gun is absolute but seriously, the amount of guns available is out of control. Middle school kids are carrying. We don’t want to take away your guns, we just want to take away some of the insanity that has infiltrated our communities because of your support of inaction. Think it through. The blood is now on your hands…

Dave? Daves Not Here…



By J.T. Hilltop

All day long I’ve been hearing and seeing people say that David Bowie was extremely good at re-inventing himself. Personally I find that to be a bullshit statement. He wasn’t invented he merely lived his life on his own terms. I think maybe David Bowie was far too original for some people to understand so they put him into compartments they can label. They invented a label for Mr. Bowie and when he exposed another piece of his personality they re-invented a new label. David didn’t invent himself he shared himself, in all his glorious facets. The only expectations he lived up to were his own and that defies the logic of those among us who can only understand people when they’re placed in comfortable sounding compartments.

Whether he was wearing an Oddity like an abandoned spacesuit looking the sell the world or busy making cha cha cha cha changes into a Cosmic Traveling Starman riding spiders on Mars he willing revealed all the components of his life with us while entertaining us with phenomenal music. All while reaching his fame. What’s your name what’s your name. David simply slipped in and out of the pieces of the jigsaw that made him such a wonderful puzzle and graciously allowed us to experience it along with him.

In constant conflict with conformity David took us on many wonderful rides each one more fun than the next. Rock, Glam, Dance, whatever the Hell he felt like exposing he did. His legacy for me will not be merely his music but his teaching us how to be brave and express ourselves as who we are not who others want us to be. Jimi Hendrix told us to wave our freak flags high but David Bowie took it a step further, not just raise your flag but to refuse to allow anyone to label your flag. It’s our flag and we wave if proudly. David Bowie will forever be both a Scary Monster…..and a Hero.