Hate Fear Anger

hate fear anger

(Beat/Street Poetry Mash Up)
Hate fear anger
Killers all three
Murderous spree
Or just killing me
When I can’t see
The monsters
From under our beds
Confusing our heads
With blood feasts
The evil beasts
Inside us all
Tormenting buzzards
Churning upwards
Burning magma
Blood plasma
Disgust us and distrust us
Spewing injustice
Awaiting release
Destroying the peace
Blame the police
Blame it on sin
Or the color of skin
The monsters roar
A chance to soar
Even the score
Peace no more
Death to all
Who disagree
Death to all
Who are not
Like me

Hate fear anger
Murderers all
Our backs to the wall
Twisting fates
Pearly gates
Hellish straights
Tragedies and agonies
Scrambling our families
Dividing best friends
Refuting amends
The barrel of a gun
Mixes in with the fun
Has us all on the run
In front of our eyes
Disregarding our cries
Until somebody dies
Resulting in talk……….
Nothing more…
Hollow words
But undeterred
Until we descend
To the end
We can’t transcend what we don’t comprehend
So hope is dismissed
Because its easier to pretend
That hate fear and anger don’t exist
Yet feasting on our joy
Hate fear and anger destroy
Huffing and puffing
We do nothing
But talk
Live and Love in Peace

No YOU Get Out And Vote!!


Tuesday, the national day of elections, the day all the bullies on Facebook an Twitter or any other medium for their pulpit scream at me to get out and rock the vote. “You’re vote counts” “If you don’t vote then you can’t complain” Oh yea, they dip it in honey or drench it in sugar so its cloyingly sweet and well intentioned but it bullying just the same. Get off my back!

Its my right to vote. Its also my right not to vote and it my right to complain whether I voted or not. So the voters make up the rules? Bullshit, you think your vote is almighty and uber important? Your vote is a teeny weeny blip on the tally. When the last time someone one by one vote uncontested? Some states flip coins, some draw cards, some have run offs, but its never cut and dried in the event of a tie. But maybe you’re right, maybe my vote is the one vote that will decide the fate of an entire state. Obama was declared winner before all the voting was even done. Bet the west coast slackers didn’t feel like their vote counted, maybe they should have gotten off their assess and gone earlier!

So quit your goddamn bullying and get off your high horse and leave me alone, I am reasonably intelligent (seemingly more so with autocorrect) and I have a pretty good idea how the vote works. I know its today and I know where and how an if I choose to vote that’s my option, I won’t be bullied into thinking that if I don’t I have somehow messed up the whole system and fell short of my duty.

So I may vote, I may not. Either way if I am unhappy with the performance I will complain. I have endured weeks of irritating political commercials, robocalls that insult me by assuming I’m such an idiot that I haven’t got the wear with all to make up my own mind, and (ahem) friends on face book who apparently excelled in political science and economics in school although I don’t remember that back in the day and I seem to remember most of them at protests with me. Maybe that was before they got seduced by the almighty dollar, the corporate concept of Inc God We Trust, and having a little money has clouded their youthful idealistic dreams of living in a world that’s fair and just. Maybe we should go back to those idealistic values. Lets take a vote! ……PEACE