This Way To Egress


A satin switchblade dark evening moans

Bedroom dark and shady

Violet teardrops in shards of promise

No way to treat a lady

A distant echo of agonizing cheer

Acting like he bought you

Dreams of lace caressed in crimson

Not how Mama taught you

Circus message send painful rhythms

Pounding through her head

Cries flow soft through ears unopened

Yearning to be dead

This way to Egress written in the dark

Only one way out

Fading hope a dispassionate plea

Showering in doubt

Unsuspecting partners dance alligator tango

Squirming on the sheet

The pearl stiletto in and out

Flaming from the heat

Teardrops flow in restoration

Accompanied by moans

Breathless bodies lay in tandem

A shiny pair of bones

Lovely child in distress, come with me to find egress