The bastard child without a last name
An outcast right from the beginning
His best know artwork devoid of smile
Or was it DaVinci who did all the grinning

On the streets of Florence is where he set out
With merely a paint brush and genius code
The Master bastard would change the world
With he family De Medici supplying the gold

Suspended atop the cities famous Duomo
Two tons of copper success does hang
Verrocchio with his overlooked protégé
Is from where all his true brilliance sprang

Da Vinci was commissioned to move to Milan
The Adoration Of The Magi unfinished
To apply his knowledge into the art of war
Importance of his bronze equestrian diminished

Giant crossbows and transportation in armor
Became his new Renaissance driven ambition
Architectural engineer of military equipment
Dancing on oil and canvas no longer his mission

Perhaps Leonardo’s true genius lay in the obscure
Messages he encoded in geometric beauty
Is The Last Supper is more than meets the eye
To Leo his art was much more than mere duty

But were Papal conspiracies encoded in art
Symmetric symbolism from the master of maze
Or are we all anxious to be part of a mystery
Enthralled to be included in every new craze