There was a time
Seems like ages ago
When things appeared clear
There was hope and a dream
That people of all color
Race religion or orientation
Could live in peace
Maybe I was too naïve
Maybe I was too full of promise
Maybe I was a dreamer
But I believed
Back when I was young
I believed in life
Back when I was young
I believed in peace
Back when I was young
I cared
Tossed pebbles of hope into the sea of confusion
Just to watch the ripples
Ripples of freedom
I believed
Now I look at the man in my mirror
He looks sad
He no longer see’s the ripples
He no longer tosses pebbles
He looks like he gave up
But a closer view
Into his noble eyes
He is merely tired from belief
Massacres will do that
Rivers of blood and no one is building a bridge
But deep down in my heart of hearts I know
That even the smallest ripple
Charged with positive energy
Can make the difference
I didn’t give up
I looked away
My eyes filled with clouds
It took too many life experiences
Too many bad choices
To get where I am now
But I did learn from those ripples
I have maintained one life rule
Never make an enemy out of anyone
Sometimes it’s hard to live by
Sometimes it’s the only way that matters
But I think it makes sense
Without enemies we can truly live
If we live for today
We invest in tomorrow
I never fully understood this before
Never heard the proper words sung
Yet I truly believed in love
Back when I was young
I’m gonna grab me some new pebbles

Switch it up now…..

The new social media landscape full of hype flight and escape is trying to reshape or undrape our opinions through digital tape showing us the way we had better take. A step to the future where children are hugged not numbed out or drugged and people have trust our phones aren’t bugged but I think its too late…. We’re fucked because Atlas has shrugged.
We scream out political views whichever side we choose I hate him he hates you is that true or fake news. What we will lose? I mean how much abuse are we able to absorb? Seems We’re cruising to an apocalyptic bruising like pathetic losers. Constitutional misuse by abusers and willful accusers abusing the snoozers. Become a refuser.
Join the resistance be one of the rebels’ grab a handful of pebbles toss them in the sea until the ripple settles
And hope will be leveled, not disheveled or unsettled but real…
You think cause We’re all dopes if you post a slanted story it’ll dash our hopes down some slippery slopes in the hopes we believe you like you got us on the ropes but before you post another bullshit roast…….
…Look it up on Snopes

Live and Love in Peace

Waiter, There’s A Fly In My Administration, (a flies eye view of Watergate)


I swear sometimes its like they don’t even know I exist. Well, that’s fine with me because my Dad always told me it is better to keep your mandibles shut and be considered a fool than to make some buzzing noise and remove all doubt. Besides, with those new-fangled fly swatters and bug zappers, my species has been taking a huge hit in the census reports. I prefer to just sit on the wall and quietly listen to these humans ramble on about all their petty nonsense. Interesting surroundings here I must say, much too clean for this flies taste with not even a crumb or juice spill for me nibble on, but I am in The White House and this is The Oval Office so it is only a matter of time until I come across a big pile of bullshit.

My Confession, I Was The Fly On Nixon’s Wall


The short lifespan of a fly doesn’t have much in the way of excitement so when I woke up in the oval office of The White House I knew I had a good story to tell my grand-flies next week. You know it must have been quite a ride landing me here in DC with Richard Milhous and his cronies but truth be told I don’t remember much of it. Oh, yea I get it, you see me rubbing my hands together in a devious manner and think I have been making plans to take over the world but no, I am just cleaning the ah…. Puke of my arms. Anyway, more on that later. First, a little background about the life and times of a short-lived pesky fly who ended up on the wall of Richard Nixon’s oval office.
All in all a fly life is boring. Oh sure if we find some dead body and it is like an all you can eat buffet for the entire family but that’s just a night out to binge and purge. There’s not a whole lot of exciting occurrences for a fly. Avoid that sticky gooey tape thing, play dive bomb at people heads while they try and swat us, and wait around to find some tasty shit. Literally shit. We live short simple lives and have very few needs. Air traffic patterns to confuse predators, anti-web maneuvers which, by the way seldom work, friggin spider bitches, and some good rotting flesh or defecation. Basically, we eat, puke, and eat again. Not your fabulous eat pray and love idiom but what the fuck, we’re only flies.
Oh yeah, about that flypaper. That’s my pet peeve man it is a real bitch because you use fly pheromones so we think we’re gonna fly United and get laid when all of a sudden glop! Bastard humans make those sticky tapes smell just like lady fly fluids and I’ve witnessed many a friend die thinking he was gonna do some mid-air muff diving only to find himself trapped dangling in a gluey mess with a dozen other would be amorous flyboys. But I don’t want to bore you with the details of the danger of life as a fly I came here to share the interesting conversations I was privy to while I was hanging out in the oval office here in the Whitehouse during the days of what you humans call the Watergate scandal. From my vantage point on the wall, I was able to hear quite a tale with a cast of characters that, well let’s just say for them to call our larvae maggots is extremely hypocritical. They think their fecal matter isn’t odiferous but any fly worth its proboscis can smell a politician miles from the beltway. But how did I get here? Listen up man, I’ll walk you through it.

The last thing I remember from last night was falling asleep all snug in the hidden hair region of a woman that I picked up bar. I had just flown in from Boston and man were my wings tired. It was pouring rain so I found this cozy little bar in Washington DC looking for a safe place to rest when I saw Destiny. Destiny was her name and my destiny was to find a comfy place to sleep in her warm pubic bed which is exactly what I did.
Destiny was at the bar drinking and when some dude started hitting on her it woke me up. “What’s a beautiful woman like you doing alone in a bar like this?” Phhhhtt. Real original! I started dozing back off because I had a feeling this clown wasn’t getting anywhere with that weak ass rap so I cuddled up near my curly hair snuggle mattress. Not much to worry about with an opening line like that.

But apparently, the dude was persistent. He told my cooch ride his name was George and he claimed he was some powerful man in DC. Oh, yea, and a Scorpio. Small talk? That was microscopic talk man, this dude was going nowhere. I fell asleep when he started asking Destiny what her sign was assuming Georgie boy wasn’t getting any sugar on this night. I got the feeling the asshole was married anyway and Destiny would no doubt pick up on that too so I felt safe and sound curled up in her warm curlies. But great God Brundle-fly was I ever wrong.

I woke up and found myself not in a soft perfumed curly muff mattress but in a dark coarse long brittle hair bed that smelled of cheap scotch and stale cigarettes. I found myself sleeping in the thick ugly mustache of none other than G. Gordon Liddy. How the blowfly did I get here? Seems somehow Georgie Porgie got lucky at some point last night and I was given a transfer to the thick Liddy Lip Central which gave me a bristly ride here right to the oval office of The Nixon White House.

Believe me, folks, G. Gordon was a real son of a bitch even by fly standards. Let me just say that I had no trouble throwing up on his smelly-ass lip rug to dissolve some of Destiny’s leftover love juice for my breakfast. He made puking easy. Apparently, he was some kind of bigwig in the FBI and has been screwing people over for a living for quite some time. He was a personal friend of the other asshole in the office, Richard Nixon. Think I’m bullshitting? Well, I shit you not my friends because Tricky Dicky here taped the whole thing which will validate my tale so listen to my story as they play the taped conversation and you’ll see what I mean.

“George, did you read what those Godless bastards at the Times wrote about me last night?” Even a fly can detect paranoia, and man did Nixon had a really bad case. George started rubbing his lip (yup, the infamous rug transferring lip) which is what caused me to relocate to the west wall. “Dick, I’m telling you, some sonofa bitch is leaking stories to those damn reporters and they want to print whatever they can to discredit me.. And The Whitehouse. What you need is an experienced, ah, um, plumber, a sneaky plumber to find the leaks and eliminate them.” Nixon was clearly angry and interested, “Your right George, those pricks are out to destroy me, to take me down.

Every chance they get The post, The Times, those pricks Sevareid and Reasoner, they’re all trying to screw Richard Nixon. Let me tell you George Richard Nixon will not be taken down by some leftist liberal atheist commie shithead. So man, what’d you have in mind?” George shuffled a little as Richard stared out the window. “Look, I have a source who tells me the Pentagon Papers were released by someone working for General McNamara. I have a name. The sonofa bitch copied classified files and now wants to leak them for his own agenda. There’s something I want to try. This asshole goes to a psychiatrist and I’m going to liberate the files of this ratfink bastard from the shrinks office for proof. Then we’ll nail his communist ass to the fucking wall! No one will believe a word he says. Listen, I know a few guys from the organization I can still trust, and with me as their chief I’ll find him and any other scumbag commie leaker and get rid of them all. You’ll never be implicated in anything, It’ll be my operation and I’ll run it. Of course I’ll keep you informed but this will give you plausible deniability.” Nixon smiled, “Plausible deniability? I love it George, okay lets go with that. You head up my group, the Whitehouse plumbers.” George was one of those control freaks who need to assert his dominance and replied, “Operation Odessa Mr. President, in here we can be called the plumbers but officially we’re Odessa, part of the Committee To Reelect the best President our fair country has ever had. I’m gonna get my guys together and I’ll report to you in two days. I already have my lead and he’ll be the first sonofa bitch to go.” Nixon shook Georges hand and said, “No names George, not yet. These prick liberals are trying to ruin me, ya know? They want to bring down America, become Commies and make it normal for our kids to be homos. I don’t think they even believe in God. You bring me some results and I’ll make sure you get rewarded.” George shook Dicks hand, “My reward will be serving you Mr. President, just leave things to me. I have the way to deal with the unpatriotic hippies. I’ll get rid of all your problems Dick.” George left and Dick opened a drawer of his desk picked up a microphone and softly spoke, “G. Gordon Liddy and President Richard Milhous Nixon, June 18th 1971.” and closed the drawer. Hmmm, odd these humans, they seem to secretly tape record conversations. I wonder why?
To Be Continued………..




Bombs seared the evening sky
Pounding my ears in beats of death
Like stars exploding to the rhythm
Smell of burnt smoke permeates the sky
While flesh is curdled and disappears
The dermal covering dissolving into skull
Limb and life disintegrated to dust and ash
Blood oozes out from the stones themselves
While the moon closes her tear soaked eyes
Allowing the surviving to attempt broken sleep
No one that slept dared to dream that night
For when a dream ends in war it takes a life
Unable to sleep I counted the number of children
Guilt and pity were my personal insomnia
I now pronounce this inhumane to life
Till death do us part
War, humph, what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Take this war and shove it

One battle is all it takes to create war
Yet it takes centuries to create peace
Why must that process always involve death
How does anger transform into a militia
It takes merely one bullet to start an avalanche
One avalanche is all it takes to dissolve a race
It takes far more than just a village to create a Peace
A climate of peace isn’t merely the absence of war
Peace is the obliteration of hate, anger, and greed
You can choose peace or you can choose war
But pull the trigger you pay the consequence
Because when you fire that first shot
No matter how justified you may feel
The dominoes of destruction begin to fall
You have no idea how many will die
Who’s child or mother will burn in anguish
You’ll never be able count the quarts of tears
Nor comprehend the gallons of blood splattered
War is a tantruming child full of cruelty and power
With no clue what to do when it gets its way
After all the blood is spilled and lives destroyed
It ends in profound discussion and compromise
Which is what they all wanted to begin with

Peace my friends is not a concept but a way of life, a culture of co-existence that can enable us to evolve as humans much more efficiently. Today we have an enormous amount of brilliant minds that can lead our species into a brave new future, but we also have an enormous amount of brilliant minds that would prefer destruction and domination. John Lennon was a dreamer, I am a dreamer, and hopefully you will never stop dreaming of Peace either. Love is love is love is love…… Thank you Lin-Manuel, for the most profound statement made so simple…..Live and Love in Peace

Viva La Revolution or Still feeling the Bern



As a child of the 60’s who participated in a political revolution to help end the war in Vietnam, reduce nuclear arms, address civil rights, and generally promote love, acceptance, and tolerance I am immensely proud of the youth of America who recently joined in the new political revolution. By feeling the Bern you have made your voices heard loud across the country. You have all worked so hard, so tirelessly, yet so full of energy and enthusiasm everyone knows you’re there. It was emotional and empowering and gave many of us hope for the future, especially those of us called “radicals” back in the dark ages of the fifties.

Make no mistake, it was dark. Oh I know they make it sound like all the world was like Leave it To beaver or Father Knows Best with white picket fences and a surplus of cash, but here’s the reality. We had senator Joe McCarthy who formed the House Un-American committee which allowed the government free of punity to accuse, subdue, and try in a court anyone they even suspected of having close ties to Russia or Communism. He ruined many careers and many lives with his absurd paranoid accusations. We had contingency plans for when the Russians sent nuclear bombs to our country. In many of the southern states African Americans where called “Colored folks” and had to use separate drinking fountains and bathrooms, were often refused medical help from “Whites Only” hospitals and service from Whites Only food establishments. Other minorities were refused jobs in favor of less qualified whites and the government had zero transparency. We could go off and die in a war because our birthdays fell on a poor lottery number yet we couldn’t vote. Businesses and corporations were free to pollute the air and water at will regardless of how it effected the earth. Then the 60’s came calling and a political revolution was in the air. So while many look back on the 60’s as the turbulent decade in which the youth was blinded by drugs the truth is we made major strides in social equality. Not total, but significant. We held the government responsible for the deaths of American children they forced to fight in Vietnam. We forced them to reduce nuclear arms. That’s how social revolution works, a give and take. We took some rather large steps which seem to fade into the pop culture of drugs, sex, and rock and roll. We also took some steps backwards, between assassinations and the banning or imprisonment of our political leaders. It wasn’t perfect, but in the end we pushed the lines in the sand forward and continued challenging until too many of us either got caught up in the seductive world of greed or became complacent. I myself fell into the category of complacency because radicals became time warped burnt out hippies.

I understand how deflated many of you feel, we felt the same faced with defeats like the re-election of Nixon and the escalation of war but in the end we prevailed. Because revolutions aren’t exact, have no synchronistic movement, revolutions are choppy and irregular. I am also incredibly proud that it was Bernie Sanders, someone from a generation that won’t benefit personally from a revolution was able to garner the attention, compassion, and trust of the youth of America. Please understand one thing, Bernie did not sell you out. Bernie took a strategic hit for his cause because he knows that revolutions are devised of a few steps forward and then a step or two backward. Revolutions need to grow and nurture, learn how to walk. Bernie suffered a great personal sacrifice by stepping aside because he understands the bigger fight is to prevent us from embracing those backward ideals of the 50’s, which is where we will be headed if Trump wins. Not to mention losing all our status and integrity in the global world where things now travel at warp speed due to technology.

No one is more disappointed than Bernie himself. Not so much about not being president although I’m sure that stings, but disappointed in himself for not being able to carry you into victory. Hear this, your revolution is not over. It has taken a setback but it’s not over. It will however end if you allow a dictatorial candidate into office. A candidate who would be happy to have things the way they were before my generations political revolution. I’ll be the first to admit that far too many of the radicals of the 60’s Turned On and Tuned In really did Drop Out and part of the problem we fought hard to eradicate. Partly it was because we depended too much on using drugs as a means of angering the status quo, I can’t tell you how much fun it was to piss off my father by growing my hair long despite his objections and openly embracing Liberal ideals. It was also partly because as time goes by many people tend to forget that we are all one of the same, a part of a whole, and begin to wonder what’s in it for us personally. You have the power to end our complacency and continue your revolution, but you need to believe that your battlefield has changed, and not voting for Hillary isn’t a place to express your outrage but what Bernie would expect. Pleasedon’t give up the ground you’ve gained by allowing a giant step backward.
I am also very proud of how the youth of America has evolved culturally, become far more tolerant than days gone by. For the most part you embrace all religions or non-religions, all ethnicities, the LGBTQ community and you show compassion for one another as well as this magnificent planet our species has treated so poorly. Kudos’s to you, the young generation that will inherit a less than perfect world. Forward your generation as many leaps as you can, the entire globe will be better for your continues efforts.
Dig on this……The unfortunate truth in our country is that most of our modern presidential elections have come down to the lesser of two evils. In this particular election the more evil candidate, the one who can and will inflict the most damage to American society is glaringly obvious. His name alone emotes imagery of hate, anger, and violence, as well as a complete disregard for the ecology or rights of any and every culture that isn’t his own. At any rate, its your world now, and you will be influential in shaping the future of your world. I would have voted for Bernie, but The Bern is voting for Hillary so I’m chill with The Hill, hoping that Bernie will continue to have a strong voice for all of you…. Peace and

Leave Your Homophone At Home



Just having some fun playing around with words which I have since a very young age enjoyed distorting for my own twisted pleasure……
In the dark
You can visualize without visual eyes
Until realize you don’t need real eyes
To hear real lies until you realize
You need to realign your line
To comprehend in the dark

If you’re near here you can hear near
Where the ear here is near to there
And listen as they list them
So listlessly and lustfully
To comprehend words spoken in the dark

Half of the hole is a whole half
If you have all the haves pitted against the have nots
Life’s in knots and you cannot
Have a whole lot of whatnots to
Comprehend the holes in the dark

I try to write what’s right but I don’t lean right
I lean with who’s right and the I write
What I think is right as I ride into the night
And ride the left until it’s right
Fuck politics
Because to the right I’m in the wrong
And on the left I’m just not right

but I have the right to write whats right
When I comprehend what’s in the dark
Now that we’ve discussed it to the point
Where we’re disgusted and discussed the disgusting
Subject of politics we’ve distrusted
Now I’m busted for keeping my open
Trying to comprehend the dark

Those skies are gray
Those guys act gay
The disguise of the day
Gets in the way
We can’t strip away
The mask of dismay
And that’s why we can never seem to comprehend
In the dark………..

Final thought:
Dig on the homophones
But detest Homophobes

This Way To Egress 2016



Come on suckers gather around

Listen to the loudest snake charmer in town

I build people up so I can beat them down

I make a lot of noise but it’s nothing but sound

I’ve got no real plan and I couldn’t care less

Throw your vote down my hallway this way to egress


Jump on my bandwagon please donate

All by myself I’ll make America great

If you wanna know how you just hafta wait

Cause there ain’t a single plan here on my plate

I screw the people in my way but I couldn’t care less

Let me deal and steal your right to vote, this way to egress


No foundatrion my words are purely baseless

Screw the elder victims to me their faceless

Some say my eminent domain is a little abrasive

Bit what can you expect from a misogynist racist

All the things I do will leave our country a mess

Making me the Prez the quickest way to egress



Put me in charge so I need to feel the power

I got a million insults to make every race cower

My White House will become a giant golden shower

I really don’t care if I make this world a big mess

As long as I’m in power, this way to egress



Egress, The action of going out or leaving, direct means of departure

This way to egress was one of P.T. Barnum’s most infamous scams. While in his Barnum’s American Museum signs were strategically placed that read “This way to egress”, egress being a word many people did not understand. Mr. Barnum realized people spent too much time there and needed more revenue so he placed the signs strategically knowing people would follow the signs out of curiosity only to find they had exited the show and would have to pay a second admission if they wanted to return. Don’t throw your vote out the egress, educate yourself about the issues and formulate informed opinions based on fact or reasonable speculations no matter which party you support. Don’t make knee jerk reactions or be a slave to a political party, choose which candidate you truly believe will do right by We The People.



Republican’ts And Demochats



(Modern free form beat poetry)

Just cause you’re on the right

That doesn’t make you all right

You looking through on the left

Act before nothing is left

I am politically ambidextrous

So impress us with your expertise


It makes you uncomfortable

Cause you just can’t understand

So you create a bunch of labels

Spread em all across the land

It makes it easier when you to file me

So you can defile me

That way you don’t have to get to know me

So show me

What you think I am


You put people into compartments

Your absurd

You treat us like cattle you can herd

You pompous turds

You don’t even know who we are

We’re not just a vote

A banknote

We’re a group of living concepts

Its nonsense

Indivisible with no liberty, no justice at all

The righties calls the lefties all fools

Singing E Pluribus Unum

While your screwin’ em

You’re gonna ruin em

So what am I to the far right side?

From a group of radical ignoramus?

Think that you can tame us?

I dare you!

Do my thoughts scare you?

Am I a tree hugging hippie

Who loves Mother Earth

I have since birth for what it’s worth

I’m the resistance

It’s just a philosophic difference

Try it it wont hurt

I care about rights of women

I believe in equal rights

Democracy isn’t exclusive to the whites

We are a salad of cultures held in check by you vultures

But you can’t understand

I care for my fellow man

You’re just a Republican’t

Who thinks he’s a republic can



And don’t be looking so smug and deft

Over there on the left

You don’t like me either

You just want to invoke my vote

You make me nervous

The only thing you ever served is lip service

All you do is talk

You can’t get women’s pay equal

And it won’t happen

I’ve seen the sequel

The poor receive wages of sin

For gods sake let refugees in!

Why are guns still a thing?

Cause you don’t do a God damn thing

But chat

To fat cats

Just like the right

You never even fight

You ain’t all that

You think you’re a democrat

But your just a demo chat

Talking us under a bus

Living among the upper crust

Tossing us crumbs from your linen tablecloth

What disgust



Neither side has an exclusive on deceit

Stay out of my kitchen if you can’t take my heat

You politicians caused the wreck

With you one hand pledging allegiance

While the other takes my check

You call me a communist but who pays the fucking lobbyist?

A trusty Politian standing an untrusting shade

If things all go your way well man I guess you got it made

But your pact is with the hateful

The insult of the day

Wish you were an illusion but you’re an illusionists to stay



Republican’ts and Demochats

Enslaved to fat cats

Know what? Go on ahead

Beat the crap outta each other

Call each other names

Continue playing games

You’re all lame

Off base

Peace is the tortoise in this race

Your rabbit hate has a rabid fate

And hates gonna lose

Hates an obstruction which thrives on destruction

Someday you’ll understand

Hope it s not to late


You run a Presidential race

To dominate the rate race

Forgetting the human race

The one race we all must win

Humanity is our kin

People full of hope and love

Try to remember that before you destroy the world

Keep us alive

Peace is the most noble struggle to survive




I may be a dreamer but I’m not the only one….Peace Out


Vote For Me And I’ll Set You Free



Yea brothers and sisters, The Existential Baker is considering a run for the Whitehouse. I mean why not? I’m all about change and that’s pretty much what we all want isn’t it? We don’t need politicians, entertainers, or CEO’s to tell us the government is broken, we are all intelligent enough to figure that out ourselves. The government cracked the exact same time the Liberty Bell did but its become more of a huge rift than a crack. Look what’s going on today, people are cheering for what may very well become the first Insulter In Chief of the nation. They’re using messages of anger, hate, and name calling to incite us into making ridiculous decisions just because it will be a change. Do you want change only for the sake of change? Fuck it guys, I could be that change just as easily as a reality show host that is based on deception like all reality shows, a doctor, a CEO, or another same old same old Politian. The difference is I’ll be honest because I‘m not backed by any big business. Truth is, no big business in its right mind would give me a second look. One hell of good a credential when you really think about it.

I mean seriously, look at all the presidential contenders. They look, dress, and talk like they are already for their position in Disney’s Hall Of Presidents. Are you telling me the country couldn’t be run by a group of mellow headed people in tee shirts and sandals better than those dressed in the Wall Street Military uniforms of uniformity ? We’re nothing but votes to those freshly dry cleaned suit wearers, they couldn’t care less about our personal struggles unless we might make good sound bites in their State Of The Union addresses. They are all for alternative fuel while accepting campaign contributions from big oil companies. A candidate backed by war profiteers and tax shelter seeking billionaires. No taxing the rich, no giveaways to the poor, no relief for the “working class”. What is the working class anyway? Someone working a minimum wage job to feed their family is still a worker, just not in the same class as those a little better off. Trickle down economics trickles into the banks of the rich and then disappears. All that money spent on elections someone has to be owing someone else an awful lot of favors. But they will reward us by halting immigration. They have plans to stop immigration so long as their families and servants are already legal. They tell you what you want to hear, what you think the solution is and make you think it was their idea to begin with. They will pamper the religious masses just to kiss their asses and get their vote. Once elected they don’t care but I still will. Vote for me AND I’LL set you free!

Hey, heres some good news guys, they all want to make sure that healthcare insurance companies cover Viagra, but God forgive you if you use your savings to buy condoms, they won’t be covered. Neither will birth control pills ladies, put some cheap aspirin between your legs and deal with your hard man the way God intended. On your knee’s. Check it out, its in the bible somewhere. And if it isn’t they’ll find a scripture that can be bent just enough to in sinuate it. So they are happy to get your man hard for you but please don’t come to our healthcare plans for your “lady problems” like unwanted pregnancies or other “crazy women issues.” Just keep your man happy and hard and while your on your knees say a little prayer to God to apologize for being so……slu….Um, Forward.

So you ask why should you vote for me? Aren’t I one of those tree hugging liberal hippies? Your Goddamn right I’m a tree hugger! Those fucking tree’s give us oxygen, give homes to millions of species of birds and other animals, offer fruits and nuts for all to eat, and they go on and on through harsh winters, brutally dry summers, winds, rains, and whatever nature can throw at them and they still stand tall exuding life giving assistance for anything and everything. When the mighty tree’s do die, they take it on themselves to nourish Mother Earth herself. If that doesn’t deserve a hug I don’t know what does! Am I a tree hugger? Hell yes motherfuckers I am a tree hugger, the bigger question is are you, and if not, why not!

So that’s Why I am considering running for president, because I believe Americans deserve better than the crap choices being offered today. Choosing the lesser of two evils is still an evil. Don’t buy their horseshit phony plans of keeping us wealthy and secure, all they are selling is the illusion of wealth and security so we can go about our daily business comforted in the fact that we are safe. You know, like we hear every time violence strikes a community, that kind of thing just never happens here. Of course it does, it happens anywhere and everywhere. Violence has no geographic limitations and not a single one of them can guarantee our safety. Neither can I, but here’s the difference. I won’t lie to you and make you feel all warm and fuzzy, I’ll give it to you straight. Or gay, what difference does it make? Live and let live, stop telling other people how to live their lives. No red or blue states, united states. United! Like everyone get their shit together and worry about their own lives, mind their own business. We are all one single species, human beings. So if I do decide to run I’m asking you to vote for me not because it’s a change, or I’m not a Politian, but because if you vote for me I’ll set you free! Thanx Y’all Peace out!


American History Y


History is a thing of the past
Sacrifices made to appease esoteric gods and generals
Scribed in blood across fields of battle
Forged from discrepancies over the faithful dominion
Bearing monuments of granite to mourn our freedom
History is war in it’s inglorious redundancy
Death machines roll over boulders in search of flesh
Mindlessly crushing bones into a gravel pits of grief
Mechanical arrows dipped in chemical degradation
Silken fiery rocks lacking mercy roll the horizon
Leaving tales of soot and ash in it’s mournful wake
Burnt images of abalone gods praised on alters of fear
Built on false pedestals from the spines of men
Shovels pierce the earth to bury our agonies
Hidden deep under earth and out of sight
Grapes too wrathful for our vines so tender
As it was in the beginning so is it now
Our own creations
Who created who
At what cost

The American dream

We the people who own the United States
In order to form a more perfect Dominion
Establish tax shelters
Insure domestic dependency on our products
Provide loopholes for corporations
Promote unfair trade practices in their favor
Do ordain and establish the Constitution of The United Corporations of America

Bill Of Wrongs
I Congress shall willfully and wrongfully tax the citizens except in the case of religion or corporation
II Congress shall wrongfully and willingly do whatever the NRA directs them to
III Congress shall willfully and wrongfully take advantage of the citizens it works for
IV Congress shall willfully and wrongfully disregard due process of law to whomever they see fit
V Corporations shall collude with banks to create credit to insure we will always have people in debt
VI Congress shall wrongfully and willingly assure their own raises, perks, and healthcare prior to considering any budget cuts

Pledge your allegiance, buy our products

I pledge allegiance to the Logo
Of the United Corporations of America
And to the Wall Street for which it stands
One nation strictly for the wealthy
And to all the denominations of the dollar for which it stands
Easily divisible
With liberty and justice for the rich

The Sighted Blind


So much anger on display
Spewing opinions every day
Don’t realize they lost their way
Rise then fall like an old soufflé

Through a darkness so unkind
Through a world they have maligned
Nose stuck up high yet unrefined
The visions of the sighted blind

Ignorant masses
Acting classless
Living in bliss
Yet always pissed
Creating a storm
The new social norm
20 20 eyesight
But can’t see the light
They need their vision realigned
Show pity for the sighted blind

Voice and vision so distorted
Want their problems self deported

Independent thought in shortage
Think they have life problems sorted

They don’t care to ever listen
Solve with biblical dominion
Thoughts lost in cognitive oblivion
Should sighted blind be forgiven

They believe they have clout but have no doubt
They know nothing about how to sort life out
Just want their views to be on the news
Full of bullshit we can’t use
Want me to help their agenda linger
But I wouldn’t lend my little finger
Nevermind those left behind feeling confined and being defined
What in the Hell is on the mind
Of the esoteric and sighted blind

They act so refined
With the lies they enshrine
They are the sighted blind