Under the stars, behind the stripes


Wearing patriotism to cover hate
Dressed in stars and stripes
A voice so loud saying nothing new
More bitching and a few more gripes

Talks of freedom born of blood
Lamenting those who died
Then hit’s the pub to drown his life
And excuse his misplaced pride

Drowning sorrows in alcohol
While remembering the flag
Hoping he drinks enough courage
To find and bash a fag

Its gays he blames for his lot in life
They’re destroying all his space
I guess the African Americans
Have finally found their place

He only needs someone to hate
Either sexual or tribal
And gay pride is his hate de jour
It says so in his bible

Don’t be fooled by bullshit talk
Of words red white and blue
Its really hate wrapped in his flag
That’s where his color is true

Cause if his life was on the line
A gay man his only savior
He’s tell him how much he approves
Of “homo” sex behavior