The Cretaceous Prophecy


The sand holds close the secrets of desert
While sirocco winds sing all its tunes
Accounting for gargantuan relics of life
Laid dispassionate amongst the ruins

Before the panorama was filled with drills
Monopolizing the landscape of the Easts
Stood a stupendous super massive continent
Home to astronomic super massive beasts

Enormous gardens green and healthy
A world of moisture, warmth, and air
In the majestic continent of Pangaea
Kingdoms of creatures living everywhere

Prey and hunter sought out life’s survival
Developed evolving strategies to procreate
The awesome and mammoth reptilian lords
Ruled all the world with their massive weight

One hundred eight million years or so
Dominion throughout the Mesozoic
Until earth was shattered by asteroid rain
In mass extinction the giants fell stoic

Mighty beasts crushed the smoldering arbor
Air thick of acrid smoke and smashed iridium
Very few species survived to tell their tales
Abundance of life was thrown into oblivion

Before they cried away their final breaths
Slipping into cretaceous extermination
They laid their vengeance upon the earth
Future mammals will bear condemnation

The Lizard Prophecy

Here then is the prophecy of the dinosaurs
Giving a warning to all future creatures
Once the dust from the harsh impact settles
And time erodes away all of their features

You’ll be spilling blood to fill your tanks
Confrontations will evolve into seditious fires
Wars will be waged to scour their remnants
Cultures will burn from power and desires

In holding true to the dinosaurian prophecy
Humans claimed dominion over all things
Scarred the earth with rapturous drilling
Without any reverence to what else may fall

The ginourmous dinosaur had once ruled the land
Every creature feared crocodilian abduction
Today there’s a newer dispassionate threat
Deranged Homo Sapiens bent on destruction

Too many people suffered to ply their remains
Many million murders we’ve allowed slip by
To suck fossil essences from beneath the sand
Until the thick power of petroleum runs dry

The sands are now spotted with oil and blood
Everlasting onslaughts waged to yield top power
The winds sing silent the pebbles just cry
Anticipating death from the next cosmic shower

The Dinosaurs Revenge


The sands of Arabia are the voice of the desert and hold ancient stories of life and love amongst the pebbles of mysterious lands. The mighty Arabian wind picks up fragments of the desert floor and scatters them about to remind the grains of gravel that the songs of the wind are far more powerful than the tales of the sand. The Arabian wind boasts of songs at a time when the desert was merely an ocean floor unable to speak or even hear the songs which were sung in the land of Pangaea when the giant dinosaurs ruled the world. The desert however is unimpressed by such singing for it has mystical tales of hidden treasures, flying carpets, and camels being passed through the eye of a needle. Stories so rich in legend that can be told for a thousand and one nights without repeating a single tale. Being the voice of the desert it speaks directly to the men and women who walk its hot dry paths and explains to them how they should live their lives. That’s power! But the wind speaks only to those who understand the language of the universe and its stories travel far beyond Scheherazade. The wind claims to have been the only entity to have heard the songs and cries of the dinosaur, sad soliloquies of betrayal and deception which ended their world dominion, a song which ends in revenge, for their demise was ushered in to make room for the intelligent future rulers of the earth, humans. Humans who would one day inherit their curse, the curse of fossilized petroleum.
Petroleum responsible for the gallons of blood spilled along the desert carpets in battles to have dominion of the liquid gold, a liquid that would one day be so concentric to human survival millions would die chasing ownership of it. The dinosaurs curse is songs of ships sailing upon mirages and sinking in the sands of time. Men who claimed this cursed oil in the name of their Gods, be it by the scimitar of Mohamed or the sword of Abraham. Death would fell men by the score in an attempt to exchange that blood for oil and the wars would continue to curse humans until they bring about their own mass destruction. Oil, the curse of the dinosaur destroying their eternity.
The dead carcasses of the dinosaurs would ensure the fates of humanity. It was no accident that humans discovered the remains of the giant scaled creatures could be converted into energy that was destiny. Being human accepting it a fate wa not enough, humans had to know everything about the animals. For many years human assumed the dinosaurs to be big dumb clumsy creatures but now scientists and paleontologist believe many dinosaurs to possessed more than a low level of intelligence. Since the resurgence of dino-interest studies have gone much deeper into the social lives of these gargantuan lizards. They have correctly identified the Theropoda bipedal dinosaur to have above average intelligence with the ability to perhaps have evolved human like brains had they not been vanquished. What they haven’t yet discovered is that dinosaurs had a complex system of communication that rivals any human form. They were able to communicate not only with each other, but with the creator of the life on Earth, Gemna. In fact it was Gemna from the planet Lekiel who first planted the message in the DNA strands of all living creatures of the Triassic period. A coded message that has survived billions of years and millions of mutations and still exits in all living things today. Finding and decoding that message may be the only thing that saves us from the Dinosaurs Revenge.

Pangaea, Just Another Day In Paradise