When you’re laughing its hard to be sad

So issue some humor and life’s not so bad

Whether it a gaffe or a joke off the graph

A quick one liner or a whole paragraph

It you want to be happy, then make them laugh


Laughing is like knocking boots
‘Cept you don’t  get naked
Make Them Laugh
Even if they fake it

Tell a silly joke a playful pun
Or some well placed sarcasm
Cuz when you make someone laugh
You give their brain an orgasm

So make them chuckle
Make them moan and groan
Give them a mental climax
Or they’ll be holding their own

They may grab their sides
With tearful elation
Sometimes the best you can give
Is some humor gratification
Just make them laugh
It’s free




I love music but I am far from what you Call musically inclined. I couldn’t read a note of music even if it were played on Rosetta Stone. I always pounded my own drum to my own off beat and even in the shower my singing voice is atrocious. I couldn’t carry a tune in a wheel barrel. But be that as it may from time to time an interlude of sounds takes up space in my brain and pleads me to give it words. I’m far from a songwriter, but not being something has never stopped me from deluding myself so I wrote the words.





Four course dinner

A movie a dance

While little children waste away

Hoping for a chance

To earn a piece of bread

Wash the pains away

Praying for some silence

When the bombs begin to play

Smart car- cell phone -flatscreen scene

Blindfolded luxuries

To watch a movie and not see

The homeless refugees



We’ll never change the world if all we do is justify

We’ll never change ourselves if we believe we’re satisfied

Don’t hide behind complacency of nothing can be done

Don’t shake your head but shake your fist until the peace has won



Bomber jets fly overhead

Then circle to come back

And drop destruction on the land

A civilian home attack

Family lives being shattered

Don’t even know if the children live

Chemicals fill in the cracks of life

Somethings got to give

Get those rockets in the air

Limbless children blood and gore

Close our eyes so we cant see

Families dispossessed by war


We’ll never change the world if all we do is justify

We’ll never change ourselves if we believe we’re satisfied

Don’t hide behind complacency of nothing more can be done

Don’t shake your head but shake your fist cause war is never won



Eighty year old in Ukraine

Lost her house today

Lived in it her whole damn life

Until a war blew it away

With a fifty year old crippled son

Alone in the forest hear them cry

Hold each other tight and pray

That sometime soon they’ll die

But I gotta go to yoga class

And I gotta buy some wine

Then turn on my favorite TV show

O I can try to justify


Don’t glorify or justify

Just open your heart and unify

Tome to give real peace a try

Yet still the war machines roll on

Fuck political camp-pains

Use the donations for starvation

Because if we continue on medication

Our world will spin in indignation

And we will continue to build destruction

And we will continue to create deconstrution

Because murder can be a tax deduction

Fuck it, I’m done with my rap Y’all

Peace out, right on

Live and love in peace


The Shine


Something strange is going on
This place smells like old burnt toast
History breathes inside the walls
That hotel has some strange ass ghosts
Head chef Dickie laid down the scat
Sending shivers across Danny’s spine
I know you feel it so now you own it
Son you got the shine

Take your seat at the bar unreal
That glass of scotch is your last meal
It’s the shine knows how you feel
Crazy old man gonna make you squeal

Take a look what hangs on the wall
Find your portrait inside the illusion
Nothing good can come out of a storm
Snowbound family in mountain seclusion
Tony spoke from the tooth of the boy
Soon He’ll be chanting murder in reverse
Don’t stay too long at Overlook Hotel
Everyone knows that place is cursed

There’s a picture hanging in the bar
Each one of them may be dead
Danny don’t go in that room
The rug is bleeding crimson red

Redrum in the hallway
The twins are doing fine
Ride the big wheel to their room
Son you got the shine

Jack Jack hammer straight to their hearts
Folding their lives like death Origami
A gleaming knife through a broken door
A frightening shout from a hole…“Here’s Johnny”

Wendy Wendy time to run
His eyes are full with craze
Grab your boy and flee outside
Hide him in the maze

Quiet son don’t let him hear
Hush now boy he’s getting near
Takes your love but gives you fear
making all your life unclear

Mother and son have crossed the line
I got yours and you got mine
Quiet Wendy there’s no time for cryin
Your son has got the shine

Subversive Suburbia


Suburban Subversive

They cut the rug on an asphalt dance floor
Two flames alight in a municipal nation
Dodging trolleys ducking crowed halls
Prompting massive suburban migration

Too many travelers in subterranean bus stops
They hitched their hopes to an old coal steam
Sprouting out into a pasture of grassy promise
In search of their piece of the American dream

White picket fence of successful employment
Prosperity rains down with every promotion
Raising some kids climbing trees not a lamp post
Accomplishing wealth’s an achievable notion

Like urban sardines packed too tight
People escaping the urban plight
But danger exists under the covers
In this story of two fleeing lovers

Papa was a natural born traveling salesman
Momma went and joined the community drones
I was born from the small town boredom
Merely a result of their late night moans

Mom stayed alone near about every evening
Purling and knitting sweaters for her sanity
Old man went out to make last call in taverns
Drinking vodka and tonic to pedal his vanity

Routine ruts breed corrosion
Rusting matrimony implosion
Stretching pledged an dutiful bonds
In betrayal is how Suburbia responds

No tell motel underground
On the cheating side of town
In a hospital mom in labor
Darkened room Dad and neighbor

Now with a child Mom switches in focus
Dad bragging the status of a job he landed
But one overtime visit Mom ha a surprise
Caught Dad and his secretary hand in red handed

Typical story of typical suburban hometowns
Structuring successes for the corporate winners
But the motels are filled with disloyal couples
Sunday churches filled to the rafter of suburban sinner

Homes and their families are failing or broken
Passionate moans now transform into tears
Dad took the rent out to buy a pack of smokes
Leaving stains on our lives the rest of our years

Roll Credits


Opening scene held blissful promise
Sure to be a box office sensation
Two young lovers in a trance of passion
from seeds of their playful flirtation

Flames of love fanned with devotion
Two heart beating for a single goal
Love strong and true would see them through
As the warmth soothed them soul to soul

But as love bloomed something just felt wrong
Suspicion sprouted across their unity
Stale perfume and late night meetings
He began betraying her with impunity

Nights alone she cried to an empty bed
And that’s when the plot it thickened
A receipt for short stay motel in pocket
Faced with evidence she was sickened

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt
There will never be a happy ever after
She will take matters in her own two hands
And hang that bastard from the rafters

Another late night excuse stumbled home
Confronted with scornful green eyed fury
This time he’ll get what had long been coming
His angry lover would have to face the jury

Hair was messy but not even single tear
When she posed smiling for a mugshot
No need to wait for closing credits
She had kissed him with some buckshot


If you amplify your problems
The solutions cant be heard
Muffled rising above the din
They will lead to the absurd

Walk With Me


Walk with me hand in hand
A journey through salvation
Discover how I became to be
From a lifetime of gestation

We are the sum of all our parts
The leading role of our own play
Forever morphing and evolving
A fragrant character bouquet

Been so many people
Lived so many lives
Won’t know exactly which I am
When that time arrives

Some of them I like a lot
Others not so sure
Wish some lives were swept away
Locked behind a door

But each of them are all of me
For better or for worse
Pieces of organic puzzle
Part blessing and part curse

Looking back my head held high
I wouldn’t change too much
Even with my clouded judgments
Every minutia and every touch

Cause in the end its quite a ride
A journey of elations
And each and every twist and turn
Adds to its excitations

Push it
Shove it
Live it
Love it
Walk with me through life

Graveyard Of Dreams


Shattered promises and wishes once believed real
All need a place to lay down
Somewhere to collect them when everything falls
Hidden way deep underground

Planning and scheming the optimist dreaming
But life is sometimes bizarre
Blood sweat and tears through so many years
All that’s left is another deep scar

Dreams and desires are left feeling low
Wondering if when and where they should go
When all hope tumbles over torn at the seams
Its buried alone in the graveyard of dreams

Spirits get crushed as ambition deflates
Its just the way that life goes
No matter how hard you try to keep it inside
Disappointment and pain always shows

Back on your feet to gat back in the race
Sometimes it just isn’t fair
John knows I’m a dreamer but dreams always die
Leaving a wake of despair

Dreams and desires are left feeling low
Wondering if when and where they should go
When all hope tumbles over torn at the seams
Its buried alone in the graveyard of dreams