Night Tremors


I awoke in the eerie dark
Or maybe I was still asleep
It was far too dark to tell
Too quiet to understand
Arcane and unsettling
Something or someone
Was in my room with me
Has fear taken ownership
Am I paranoid or in a dream
Sweating from the paralyzing fear
Droplets begin to roll off my forehead
So fucking scared
Am I gonna die!!


Kick it
This fear has fermented I’m mentally tormented cause the visions I’ve invented
Are relentlessly depressing
A life form unscented from someone’s Hell has ascended it may not be documented but
…..I think that I’m demented….
I’m so tempted to pray to please be represented
But my God is discontented with the sins which I’ve presented
My life is at stake
My soul to take while I’m awake for goodness sake
We all make a mistake
Go away
Let me wake
Slow it down now


Perhaps I was dreaming
Dark theater of the brain
Strange noises in my sanctuary
Am I alone or is someone here
My cranium keeps shaking
Tears pool down my cheeks
My reflection in the droplets
I see some movement
A tree branch? No a shadow!
Paralyzed in my bed
Make this end
Please let this be a dream but if it is a dream
What does that mean?
Are dreams simple stories our minds make up
Or are they the realties of what could be?
Why do our dreams never seem to have a beginning
Why do they never have an end….or a taste of the reality
How can they be so vivid and true yet so surreal
I don’t think I like dreams
I don’t want to have them anymore
Please get me out of here or wake me up
I want to be me….to be free
Kick it once more


They are a malady of the banality someone’s misplaced morality
Worming its way into my concept of reality
Oh the fucking brutality the Dream Police finding criminality
Crimes against humanity my lack of sanity has to be what it is to be
To bring me to serenity
Stripping away the inside of me a paranoid fragility
My head hurts….just let me be
In the dark absence of light so filled with fright
My heads not right
I hate those fucking tremors in the night

Five Words

five words



Heart on high alert

Frustration rising

Panic coursing through blood

Time excruciatingly painful

Every tic a pounding

A rhythm of frenzied dread

Waiting to hear

Waiting to know

Terrified of truth

Nagging doubt

Praying your wrong




Hope almost out of reach


Begging to get an update

Then you hear the five words

The five words that change your life

“We did everything we could”


Shadow Traveler



Creeping obscure

Surreptitiously vile

A shadow of bile

Taking me to slaughter

Crushing my head

In pestle and mortar

Mental mutilation

Heart in a vice

Brain sliced

Rumination poised at the brink

Disaster choking emotion

Intent unspoken

Torture sick and profane


Mindless abyss

Barren and void

Shadow traveler is driving me insane

Shadow companion

Leaves me abandoned

Lonely and stranded

Remanded disbanded

And branded

A loser

Shadow traveler controlling my ride

Destroying my pride

Ripping out segments of my esteem

My dreams

Hidden destroyer


Scraping the insides of my mind

Leaving me blind

Can never escape your shadow

Or what’s hidden behind