Cerebral Cabal



Fireflies behind my eyes

Fluttering about



Softly first

Then screaming

Shut up!

Make them go away

They don’t belong

Who are they?

Why are they in my head?

The answer is within

I am anger


Livid pain

Burning eyes

Staring hatred

Searing skin

I am you

I am fear

Shivering alone


Trembling pain

Paralyzed by thought

Stuck in your worthless void

I am you

I am insignificance

The losing team

Last place


Dejected and ashamed

I suck

Its your fault

I am you

I am guilt



Crying in the shadows

Face charred red

Head hung low

Abased, abused

I am you

I am contempt



Rotting in your presence

Disdainfully at your side

Putrid vile fool

I am the stench of you

I am you

I am disgrace



Pity the petty maggot


We are you

United and free

You’re cerebral cabal

We are desperation

We are loud

Listen to us

We are you

You are us

All talking at the same time

So an idiot slug like you understands

You are nothing

Open your ears

Hear the disgust

Open your eyes

See the truth

You are an aberration


Wretched piece of nothingness

Go now

Hurt someone

Devour someone

Kill someone

Kill yourself



Its you that must die

A capsule of therapy

To help me forget you

A bottle of strength

To shut you up

Make you scatter

Make you leave

You never stop

Leave me alone

You are not me

I am not you

I will stop you all

It will end

We will end

All things must end so let my ending be a new beginning or let me go to sleep