Truth be told I will be seriously disappointed if once dead we are reduced to two options, either go to heaven and live in boredom or go to Hell and live in flames. Frankly the repetitious and cloying sweetness of doing nothing for eternity would drive me to Hell, which begs the question…..What happens when one goes to Hell?


Once I’m passed my expiration date
Where shall I dwell
Will I be delivered unto heaven
Or will I end up in HELL
In the world of Satan
Where nothing gets healed
Burning in eternal fire
Or in damnation my true self revealed
Like Dante traversing the 7 burning rings
Where consequence causes the fiery stings
No more in aimless pursuit
Of pleasures of flesh
But buried in torture
Without any rest
Kick it……

I’m a Goddam Irie ite, trying to do it right, a precious bird in flight who never learned wrong from right yet still somehow my star shines bright despite the shite….so out of spite I got into a fight crushing some poor bastard with all my might, took his life and ended his plight and that’ how I ended up a hellbound blight
So now the bitch is deceased.
His soul has been released and my chances of hell are ten times increased yet I’m at peace cause in my mind he deserved to be fleeced ….Or at least uncreased. So now my life is on lease to the devilish priest. So I deserved what I earned when my ass got burned, that’s how I learned to give up my turn and here in Hell is where I burn



The world of Satan
Where nothing gets healed
The rings of flames
Where the truth is revealed.
Find your real self in the Valley of hate
The very first second you get passed the gate
Abandon all hope ye who enter here
Surrender to me, surrender to fear
Beelzebub conquers Beelzebub wins
Happy to watch us devour our sins
Laughing and chuckling in the house that he built
Snickering at us as we choke on our guilt
Pursuing our pleasures that make us all moan
While seeking the answers best left alone
This is the sad tale the only one I can tell
If Jesus ever saw me he’d say… “Go To Hell!”
Kick it

The devil seduces us and introduces us to shit there is no use for us the he reduces us. Turns us to dust while we choke on our lust losing all trust in a fit of disgust.
Who can we turn to who to believe? We kneel and we pray as we weep we’re deceived. Here we receive the troubles we perceive and the sins we conceived. I’m going to Hell to learn and to grow, try to be pure as the new driven snow but Fuck it man I died a long time ago…… I just didn’t know


Live and Love in Peace

Confession Carousel


Every minute counts
Sixty ticks just snuck out my window
Sixty heartbeats closer to death
Sixty more seconds stolen from my future
Given to my past
What do you regret?
Running up a debt in your dark silhouette
Or better yet
Having to fret from the merciless threat
While you break out in a sweat
Choosing Heaven or Hell
Soul to save or to sell
Maybe you cheated
Repeated and repeated until your life was completed
Your love deleted
Life laughed at me
Passing me by like a cosmic hitchhiker
No rides for the aging solitude
So rude
That’s when you feel the need
That’s when its time to do it
To jump aboard your confession carousel
The final tour of atonement
Hoping hate peels away wrongs for a new birth
The remembrance of the love in which we were born
Time goes into overdrive
Kick it…


The spinning confession is an aggression of complexion
But for the sake of this session I’ll repeat the question
What’s your main sin?
Running up a debt in your dark silhouette
Or better yet
Having to fret from the merciless threat
While you break out in a sweat
Choosing Heaven or Hell
Soul to save or to sell
Maybe you cheated
Repeated and repeated until your life was completed
Your love deleted
Did you screw up the few
You think this shit is all about you?
Your so fucking conceited your ego goes untreated
That’s nothing new
Perhaps that’s your shame
Think you own the whole game but your so fucking lame
Who cares who’s to blame
Its not yours to regain so now you refrain
Just let go your indiscretions
Unburden your possessions
We all think we have the world by the balls
Until reality calls
Puts up its walls
And its innocent who fall
Realities perception such an icy reception
Without exception
Act quick before time runs away
To voice its rejection
Guilt will own you and place you on a spinning wheel of angst
Natures pranks
Spiritual thanks
Filled with dejection
Waiting in vain
For your confession……
Slow it down

Fate is your shadow
If follows you from the day you’re born
If you move fast, fate moves faster
Move slow, it creeps behind
But fate is always there
Following and waiting
In the corners of your shadow
Creeping closer every second
Its time to fess up before fate eats you up
Pick a horse for your carousel
Choose the ringer of the death bell
Tell someone your secrets
Reveal them your soul
Unchain the ghosts
That burden your shoulders
Peer into the infinite sunset
Face destinies soldiers
The abyss stares back in disbelief
Giving no relief
And time is quitting
So the seconds sneak by
The years seem to fly
And time catches up to you
Confess today…. before it’s too late


Some people follow God their entire lives
Some find God once their fate tastes bitter
But everyone gets on the confession carousel
No one escapes the final ride
Once time claims its victory over flesh
And screams out for spiritual release
You choose to tell, or remain silent
Be the pitcher………. or the batter
But for fucks sake, once your dead
Does it really matter?


Keyboard Troll



They put on a cloak at work
To hide from the nine to five
A different one designed for friends
Just to prove that they’re alive
Whenever they are wherever they go
An assortment of cloaks appear
To hide from everyone else around
And cover up their sneers
But the darkest cloak they own
Is the one they don when home alone
To hide them from the one true view
Their own reflection on a screen of blue
When they get behind their keyboard
The veils of deception fall away
Their true selves surf the webbing trap
In camouflaged search of prey
Maybe they search like predators
On the unsuspecting young at play
Maybe they scour political bullshit
To capture a validation of what they say
Their lonely eyes view their lives
From the vision of many strangers
Unaware of who gets hurt
Unaware that they’re the dangers
Infecting a teenager
Just to engage her
But the strange changer robs the manger
With his misconception as a re-arranger
Displaced perception
Wearing a cloak of deception
But he must complete a task
He pulls away his mask
Takes a long hit from his flask
To take us on his ride
The stranger is the troll in cloaked disguise
Sick and demented deep inside
But he can’t hide
He’ll never stay
If we rip the sheep clothing off his back
And lock his ass away

What Day Was That

what day



Running across the yard
Swinging on a cloud
Skinned my knees
While laughing out loud
Bee stings and baby weeps
See saws and bedside creeps
Lost inside an empty crowd
Underneath a storm filled cloud
Minutes to spare and hours to burn
Battles to be fought
Lessons to be learned
Never a concern
Except Mom and Dad
What we needed they had
Before time walked me home
Made me go it alone
And childhood left me flat
What day was that

She had long silken curls
I was noticing girls
We were all having fun
In search of “the one”
Holding hands on the beach
Heart screaming uptempo
Thumping beats of promise
Seeds of passion were growing

With loves flame a aglow
A life everlasting
Two teen hearts broadcasting
True love forever
Initials in a tree
Etched for ever in eternity
Before time turned and spat
Spat in my face
What day was that



Couldn’t wait to grow up
Find the answers I need
But as age rolls downhill
It gathers much speed
Time offers not wisdom
But makes us it’s victim
Fueled on fruitless pride
On a mindless blind ride
Like a peacock I preened
Success was my insanity
The peak of my own vanity
Until time got angry
Focused its wrath on me
Much too conspicuously
Cutting furrows in my brow
Who needs a body anyhow
Crippling my emotions
Erasing my devotions
All the lines in my eyes
Stained in tears that I cried
Now even the mirror won’t lie
In a flash old age arrived
Leaving just memories inside
With a sarcastic smile
Time tipped it’s hat……..
What day was that

A Backpack of Regrets



Gotta keep moving
But its hard to run
When your burdened
With your past
Across your back
But I run away
Its what I always do
Stuff my backpack
With another regret
Hop on the rail
Count the miles
As they pass by
Consuming time
Finding aches
Until the time arrives
To run again
Ride on the sunsets
Glide on sunrises
Maybe its time to choose
One final station
Get off the train
And sleep

You Don’t Know Me

i am


Modern Beat Flow of Consciousness

People like to judge, criticize the perception of who they think I am but know what? They have no idea who I am, what I’ve been through, what I survived on the outside or in. So judge your own self and back off the rest of us.
Don’t tell me
You know how I feel
Like my life ain’t even real
How I pay for my love
With her sex appeal
You have no idea where I’ve been
So take off that robe
Pass penance on yourself
Before you probe
Two good eyes but you still can’t see
Judge yourself
You know nothing bout me
Who am I?
The effect of one passionate evening
A spawn of sex
One steamy night of heavy breathing
Dads eyes gleaming
Moms mind streaming
Waiting to beam me
Don’t ever doubt me you know nothing about me
I languish in anguish
Despondent but real
Been down to soup kitchens
Finding a meal
Locked up and hopped up
Dragged through the dirt
Beat down by street clowns and shrugged off the hurt
Been strung out and rung out
Then hung out to dry
Tested molested with no tears to cry
I’m not plastic imitation
Shifting for compensation
Quit judging me
It aggravating and degrading
I’m a hard swinging gate
Pulling an inside straight
So back off and give me a pass
Go and judge your own ass
Don’t need your scam
You have no idea who I am

I am a child procreated
Dated then fated
A mistake of sex
But still I’m not hatin’
I’m waiting
To find out who the real me is
I was a child of Gods sake
Swam in Satan’s wake
As he sped cross River Styx
With his devilish tricks
Laughing at the trails
As I flew off the rails
Cause some joker like you
Likes to tell tales
So before you pass judgment take one long hard stare
If you reflect hatred than I just don’t care
But beware
Not everybody will treat you that fair


Once Upon A Ginge




A city boy at heart who loves the urban chaotic

The asphalt pathways and concrete concubines

Where sirens and horns replace the blackbirds at night

I was positive I could never leave that behind

But the lady I cherished asked me to visit her home

Fields dreamed and the beauty in which she’d grown

Where we could be the keepers of each others secrets

Off to nirvana of farmlands last stand

For me a world unknown but grand


The wind tugged lightly on her bright orange curls

Sweet smelling wind pressed close the polka dot dress

Outlining her form and betraying salacious intention

A fiery red silhouette against the waning prism of day

Waiting for evening to lock tight the bright door of sunshine

Obscuring the once vibrant fields of yellow green and black

The towering sunflowers bowed their heads good night

Allowing the dark sky to light up unto a diamond landscape

Lust beckoned in the Kansas field

Two lovers both prepared to yield


Cicadas sang cricket love songs to the distant horizon

Tongues tangoed furious an erotic passion dance

The still night air was soaked in aphrodisia essence

Arms legs and torso’s in a desperate search of belonging

The ground trembling and writhing with reckless abandon

Where we clutched tight a duet of burning desires

An explosive vortex shrieked shattering the glass moonlight

A cantata of emotions led a orchestra of sizzling emotion

Satisfying of our carnal hunger

Brought us to a peaceful slumber





In morning the solar king held golden specters of light

Above grains of our love reaching up to the heavens

Creating Waves of wheat, corn , and tall shining reeds

And a carpet of green for lovers to frolic and stroll

We tip-toed the sharp blades of grass whistling a tune

One lasting song hummed in a lifetime serenade

The grandeur of serene bliss in this captivating pasture

Far from the garden iron barriers of urban decay

Passions equaled and skilled

Two lovers hopes fulfilled


But it seems nothing lasts

So time passed

An old cliché that may seem contrite


She turned left

And I turned right

Yet saving our brief magical connection

Is out of sight












Desperation is our motivation

Driving force of the living

Desolation is an abomination

The lengths to which we’re driven

Desperation is our fornication

Driving the force of our love

Masturbation casts ugly aspirations

Hide your hand inside a glove

Desperation drives my soul

Makes you wanna rock and roll

It makes you whole

Or so I’m told

Desperation and desolation

My flirtation is my creation

I’m a little dangerous a little daring

Arrogant humble and sometimes uncaring

Frantic and frenzied full of Goddam envy

Of those who know how to be friendly

Who get stimulation without desperation

And live a life of ease




Desperation knows no consternation

Desperation shaped my soul

Rehabilitation breeds a stronger foundation

But desperation makes me whole


Desperation straight into annihilation

A philosophy of doom

Mindless stagnation breeds aggravation

I’m gonna be there soon


Desperation drives my soul

Makes you wanna rock and roll

It makes you whole

Or so I’m told

Desperation and desolation

My flirtation is my creation

I’m a little dangerous a little daring

Arrogant humble and sometimes uncaring

Frantic and frenzied full of Goddam envy

Of those who know how to be friendly

Who get stimulation without desperation

And live a life of ease