Incognito Hearts



An ashen image returned my stare
The mirror had cracked in kindness
The treasures of my passionate boyhood
Descended into memories of mediocrity
I collected my well seasoned masks
Tossed them in a weather worn case
To be placed  on a vacant train
Set them free to travel down the rails
It was time to leave the phony smiles
Shake off the misery of loneliness
Put on a new veil of unstained lace
But before I was able to walk upright
I needed to make my heart incognito
A chameleon hidden in a desert of pain
Camouflaged emotion in a jungle of steel
I must change the weary path I’ve gone
Restore the shine of the fading moon
Illuminate my beacon that had dimmed
Maybe meet a stranger and find destiny
No one should travel alone I was told
So my heart beat beside another once more
Begging for justice of the shared soul
Back on a shore where dreams were born
Two tired victims laughing hand in hand
As the ocean whispered stories of joy
The glowing sunrise revealed us it’s secrets
Offering the comfort of a brand new season
And heart to heart we two became survivors
Allowed love to unfold our forgotten pasts
For once in a world so exceedingly unfair
Incognito hearts offered up a minor victory
Because even one tiny infinitesimal win
A moment of elation that fulfills existence
Is better than another loss

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