Killer Date



Pressure builds in my temples
Sweat dampens my forehead
Something’s wrong
The clock is bleeding
Seconds ooze from the wound
And that sound so loud
Distorted annoying ticks
Echo in my cerebellum
My mirrors are disabled
A shadow of myself
Incomplete and hungry
Driven by anger past
Seduced by revenge
I search out my prey
Make him pray, make him pray
Hiding behind the oak tree
The dark shade of coincidence
Breathing so shallow
Trembling but quiet
Watching the trap I carved
Stealthily awaiting the fly
The park is my graveyard
A faint noise
Footsteps in the pathway
I wait without movement
The figure looms near
Its him! He’s the one!
Violator of innocent lambs
Taker of our purity
Strutting in vanity
On his green mile walk
He becomes me today
Blood on the milk train
Absorbed into my breasts
So I can sate the monster
And taste my revenge
Until the next feeding

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