Regrets, I’ve Had A Few




What do I regret?
In somber reflection
I’ve destroyed many hearts
Without ever wondering why
Perhaps it was an inept attempt
At protecting my own
Last night the first I ever broke
Came to visit me at my home
An echo of loves labour lost
Flowing passions turned to frost
I served us up a cup of tea
Brewed from past sorrow
And a lost memory
A reminder of who we used to be
Back in the days when believed
We could be free
Dancing and laughing in the sand
Searching out that distant land
There was a time we had it all
Why did the walls of the sandcastle fall
She said “lover what went wrong?”
“All we have left is this sad sad song
What happened to our youthful glow
Where did it go?”
I don’t even remember what we fought about
But I know our clock ran out
Before we ever arrived
Meandered down so many paths
No answer found but one question asked
What can we do to make love last
Before you know it the clock tics away
And time goes by so fast
Suddenly your future is in the past
Jumbled days fall through the cracks
Different truths and different facts
Tiny moments had profound effect
Some small decisions went unchecked
Small pieces of life
With big consequence
Love in fraudulence
Life altering experiences
Seemingly forgotten
The rancid and rotten
Then suddenly remembered
Yet the query still at play
Never learned how to make love stay
Witnessed four births
Sat through four deaths
Religious tests
That change you
Make you forget
I broke many hearts
That’s what I regret


Live and Love in Peace

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