Mighty Meg


These words are not meant to elicit sympathy or empathy or instill a sense of sadness or regret, but to inspire an urgency to express love, to share love, to experience love, and proclaim love before time denies you that privilege….   Live and Love in Peace



She sailed into the world
On a gilded cloud
Stars bursting pearl cinders
Platinum moon smiling bright
Comets holding their breath
Circadian rhythms echoing softly
Feathered creatures flapped and crooned
Morning sun rose in admiration
Butterflies danced in adulation
A magical sensation
Cosmic jubilation
Her name murmured softly in the wind
Megan Laurine, Warrior Woman
Mighty Meg
The Universe is put on notice
Our precious diamond would shine
Lifting us towards utopia
Eyes that comfort and soothe
Contagious engaging smile
Igniting the fires of cosmic reality
Life gleamed undiminished
Until the ills of fate crept in
Left its loathsome stench
The burnt smell of betrayal
A gallery of people beside her
The walls of the hospital drenched
In the tears of so many children
Who had come this way before her
The walls screamed in exhaustion
Hearing the Wailing of despondent parents
An unending corridor
A spiral staircase to Hell
The halls of healing fell silent
Machines of life monitoring no more
No longer having purpose
Boasting an analogy of our reality
A once Technicolor world
Now gray cold and lonely
Our crying eyes watched
As heaven burnt to the ground
The smoke blurred our vision
From Iscariots lips
A burning ember kissed my cheek
Leaving a deep laceration
A scar leaving a furrow
To be forever filled with despair
The world turned inside out
Senseless and absurd
Void of purpose
Hopelessness abounded
But a natal event
Lifting our wings once more
Liberated Megan’s legacy
To be shared with everyone
Twenty five years ago today
A tiny little spark soared up in the sky
Finding her place amongst the stars
Where she shines her light on us everyday
We love you Meg
Shine on you crazy diamond


5 thoughts on “Mighty Meg

  1. You nailed. With your love and tears the mighty Meg lives on in you and Maureen. Beautiful that you captured Megs grace.. Thank you for this post you are the master of words that live in us until we are ready to purge your souls..Sending you and Maureen, love,light and peace. Meg ,left an imprint on your hearts forever and no one can take that away from you.

  2. Sorry you had to go through the loss of a child. How beautiful this was. I am so grateful that despite all of my shortcomings as a person in this world, I am able to experience, share, express, and proclaim love with my family every day. Thank you for sharing this.

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