Sin Times Seven




With a profound yearn I stared
Eyes aching inside my head
Dare I attempt stealing a peek
Peel back the jaded curtain
Glimpse inside the forbidden mind
Will I see my intimate solicitor
Fantasy goddess bathed in lust
In the bedroom of debauchery
Nay it is the reflection of Narcissus
Smiling back at me before the fall
Shall I sip from this abundant pool
Stare naked in the waves of deception
Ingest the water of ravenous virtues
Sate myself on mutual salaciousness
Or shall I keep this bliss for myself
Exile her to my bed chained in apathy
Enslave her tortured devotions as mine
Rage against the betrayal of desire
Exploding fury upon our rapture
Engorge ourselves on pleasure and pain
Until we can consume no longer
Our lethargic bodies idle and degenerate
Lust suffering listlessly in atrophy
Destroyed by each deadly sin
Times seven
Live and Love in Peace

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