There Was A Time




There was a time
When I looked ahead
Infinite roads of gold
I believed I could reach out
Grab my future
Life was within my grasp
I was the master of time
Now I just look behind
And its all so far away
So elaborately distant
Far out of my reach
I dropped so many moments
But there was a time
There was a time
With the eyes of youth
I could see ever so clear
Knew just who I could be
But I became far too many
I don’t even know which me I am
I been so many lives
Seen so very many sunsets
Since the days of my youth
That my visions clouded
Now my eyes only see
A ravaged reflection
Of what the present holds in its arms
But there was a time

There was a time
I could have owned the world
Ruled my very destiny
Gardens of adventure
Mine for the taking
Living the life
Scratching my name in the stars
To leave my mark
Now life has done the etching
Tattooed on my soul
Scars of the past
Reminding me always
That there was a time

Time is the ultimate in freedom, it can never be chained, never be stopped. There are many important times but no time is as important as right now. I’m never am sure of where I’m going or how I’ll get there but one consistent in life is time. Time is everything that ever was or ever will be and at a certain point it feels like its all happening at once. You can look ahead or look behind, your choice, but you can’t change it or erase it because time never stops or starts it just is. And was or will be. Time can be measured in seconds, hours, days, years, decades, or whatever delineation we assign it but for each of us time is right now, this very moment. There are times we recall and times we forget but one thing I’ll always be able to remember is….There was a time

5 thoughts on “There Was A Time

  1. Keith,when we loose a loved one things in our brain go on hyper mode.Swearing we will never forget there smile,eyes sense of humor etc. Little by little those sweet memories seem more distant when we feel we have come to terms with the loss. I feel as we deal with grieving we go on the dance of the carousel . That ride protects us from dealing with death in a timely matter. Of course we know everybody deals with it on there terms.So we find it way to easy to stay on that carousel ,and why not the ride is free. Well free yes but there comes a time to get off of the tide. But we can’t just jump off with out stumbling and major crash and burn.episodes then we can count. So yes we do the dance until we can step off the carousel in baby steps.Some do it quickly and others in days,week,months and even years. Do not feel guilty about how long it takes,we have the scares to prove it.

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