Keyboard Troll



They put on a cloak at work
To hide from the nine to five
A different one designed for friends
Just to prove that they’re alive
Whenever they are wherever they go
An assortment of cloaks appear
To hide from everyone else around
And cover up their sneers
But the darkest cloak they own
Is the one they don when home alone
To hide them from the one true view
Their own reflection on a screen of blue
When they get behind their keyboard
The veils of deception fall away
Their true selves surf the webbing trap
In camouflaged search of prey
Maybe they search like predators
On the unsuspecting young at play
Maybe they scour political bullshit
To capture a validation of what they say
Their lonely eyes view their lives
From the vision of many strangers
Unaware of who gets hurt
Unaware that they’re the dangers
Infecting a teenager
Just to engage her
But the strange changer robs the manger
With his misconception as a re-arranger
Displaced perception
Wearing a cloak of deception
But he must complete a task
He pulls away his mask
Takes a long hit from his flask
To take us on his ride
The stranger is the troll in cloaked disguise
Sick and demented deep inside
But he can’t hide
He’ll never stay
If we rip the sheep clothing off his back
And lock his ass away

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