Leave Your Homophone At Home



Just having some fun playing around with words which I have since a very young age enjoyed distorting for my own twisted pleasure……
In the dark
You can visualize without visual eyes
Until realize you don’t need real eyes
To hear real lies until you realize
You need to realign your line
To comprehend in the dark

If you’re near here you can hear near
Where the ear here is near to there
And listen as they list them
So listlessly and lustfully
To comprehend words spoken in the dark

Half of the hole is a whole half
If you have all the haves pitted against the have nots
Life’s in knots and you cannot
Have a whole lot of whatnots to
Comprehend the holes in the dark

I try to write what’s right but I don’t lean right
I lean with who’s right and the I write
What I think is right as I ride into the night
And ride the left until it’s right
Fuck politics
Because to the right I’m in the wrong
And on the left I’m just not right

but I have the right to write whats right
When I comprehend what’s in the dark
Now that we’ve discussed it to the point
Where we’re disgusted and discussed the disgusting
Subject of politics we’ve distrusted
Now I’m busted for keeping my open
Trying to comprehend the dark

Those skies are gray
Those guys act gay
The disguise of the day
Gets in the way
We can’t strip away
The mask of dismay
And that’s why we can never seem to comprehend
In the dark………..

Final thought:
Dig on the homophones
But detest Homophobes

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