Philosophic Crisis




My daughter searched my eye with solemnity
“Dad, why am I here?”
I sensed her holding back a tear
After pause I understood
Tinges of pride swelled
My child’s first existential quandary
And it is I to whom she turns
Antiquity has given me wisdom
My gift to share
I began with caution
My child:

Chase your dreams
Or your dreams will chase you
And you will never stop running
Be strong in quest
Don’t become the sum of your decisions
That’s just chasing your fate
Surround yourself with positive friends
Live and love in peace
Many times my love I too have pondered
Who am I, really?
A consequence of sexual encounter?
An anecdote of an amorous evening?
Perhaps merely the result in survival of species
Geographically and socially placed
Destined by my environment
To be just like everyone else
Repeating the same rituals
Striving for the same goals
Day after day
Is that who I am?
A unique being similar to millions of others
Pretending to be different
Becoming a product of society’s will
Forced into a subliminal advertising conspiracies
While following the rules of their game
The rules of engagement
Set by the few of power
Obeying the laws set by men
Observing religion controlled by humans
Believing the garbage spewed by leaders
Unending unfilled promises of life
Is this all there is?
White picket fences and a barrage of bills
Living debt to debt instead of day to day
Looking for answers of the ultimate question
Darling you need to search deep within yourself
Determine your own truth
Your own reality
When the dark frightens you turn on your internal light
Together we will brave the unseen
Don’t waste too much time on how or why
Just enjoy your life
Before time catches up
Time spins so much faster as it builds momentum
With a tear in her eye she searched again
This time holding back a giggle
“No Dad, I meant why am I here?”
“Why did you ask me to come over.”
My eyebrows furrowed of their own accord
My smile hid behind a wrinkle
The truth is I forgot. I guess senility has it’s virtues as well


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