Everybody Leaves

everybody leaves


No one stays
Family and friends
Lovers and companions
Acquaintances in the park
Strangers on the train
Sinners and saints
They all go away
Leaving me alone
With my personal passenger
Telling me what to think
Inserting his will
I’ve spent so many hours
Trying to understand
What no longer matters
Because no one cares
When we jump the nest
Escape the chains of birth
Friends blow in the wind
Like fresh fallen leaves
Everybody leaves

Do you have to go
It’s much too soon
We barely blinked
Found a second
A floating bubble
One scene in my movie
An act in a play
Then it slipped away
I had once believed
We held the world in hand
Had every answer
Life bursting eternal
But love just comes
And then it goes
Runs away
With all the thrills
Tucked under it’s arm
We put our hearts out on our sleeves
Then everybody leaves


I tolerate life
In a world full of demons
Hoping to acquire
The true wisdom
Of an angel
So I meditate
In the shadow of my ego
Contemplating the evil
That makes me whole
When a voice speaks
Through my sanity
I deserve the punishment
I accept my penance
Surrounded by support
My amends are sincere
Offered in confession
A gift from my soul
Which my personal passenger
Most Happily receives
Once everybody leaves


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