Manhattan Was My Mistress



The moment I met her I was hooked
So alluring and seductive
Flashing her neon eyes
Singing her sirens lure
Behind an orchestra of chaos
She promised me a life
Reckless abandon
I pledged my heart
I would always stay
My Manhattan Mistress
Took my heart away
Howling like a hyena in heat
Her streets purr as though a moan
The ground beneath our feet
Rumbles and rocks us gently
She smiles from her throne
I beckon at her will
Noises fill every essence
Yet still she whispers my name
Inviting me inside her
That sweet seductive game
Lured by her voluptuous secrets
Inspired with her beautiful mysteries
Strolling moonlit avenues hand in hand
Disclosing sensual inquiries
Provoking my carnal beast
Entrancing me in her spell
My Manhattan Mistress
Loved me oh so well
She’s my concrete inamorata
Exchanging longing desires
Gyrating my internal fires
Chaotic Karmic spin
Two lust filled nocturnal silhouettes
Together dancing on a pin
But all good things they must come to an end
Packed up my emotions and moved away
Manhattan was my Mistress and
I miss her everyday

2 thoughts on “Manhattan Was My Mistress

  1. I read your poem and thought it was an entry for a writing blog I follow. All of us who have ever lived in Manhattan were her mistress. But an expensive mistress to have for your payroll.

    1. Thank you, yes only people who have graced her streets can really understand that the city has life and it beats inside us. I actually felt guilty for at least 10 months after moving away because every time I felt like I had enough of her……somebody on a unicycle with a giant snake would ride by saying excuse me and remind me how much I loved her. Thank you for the most awesome compliment

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