Humiliated But Happy (Good bye Self Esteem)

self esteem


Kicking it freestyle about getting kicked when you’re down
All is not fair in love
My woman gave me an ill berating
It was humiliating and debilitating…
Downright deflating
My self esteem needs rehabilitating
Save that heat for Satan
Haters gonna keep on hatin’ and hatin’ is so aggravating
Frankly I just tired of waiting
My turn to be real
Spinning my luck at the Karmic wheel
To get my payback from way back
I’m a throwback on Prozac
Having to tiptoe from the git go
Who’s been outsmarted
By Lady Coldhearted
Where all this shit started
It was mean to strip the sheen off of my self esteem
Like some glycine queen
She snuck up like the bee
I closed my eyes so I could see
She stabbed my back and she blindfolded me
Set me free
To stumble aimlessly
Searching for some self esteem

I was depressed n’ obsessed
Screwed by the best
It was disgustin’
I was too trustin’
While I was working and hustling she was midnight lusting
Thrusting and busting
It’s a trust thing
It musta been
She said trust me
Left me emotionally castrated serrated and frustrated
Then rubbed my wounded faith with salt….
I’m needing Gestalt
But in the end its my fault
Took my eye off the prize
I was ostracized
Sized up and cauterized
No surprise
Flaunting some dude
Right before my eyes
She should be exorcised for that exercise
But I got wise
I got it straight
Too little too late
But I don’t hate I’ll take the burn
Live and learn
I took the blow
My dignity had to go
Self esteems at an all time low

She built me up and tore me down
Made me her clown with the run around
Then demonstrated how she conjugated
With heat
What I’m trying to say is she’s a cheat
Stomped my heat with both her feet
From someone else’s back seat
I can’t compete with a sexual athlete..
But now she wants to reconcile
Crying like crocodile
Tears that only last a while
I should cut her free
Ignore her plea and let her be
Find another love for me
But then I saw her smile
Standing strong is not my style
So it would seem
I know I should kick her ass downstream
But I’ll take her back
I got no self esteem
Doesn’t matter I’ll probably get run over by a truck anyway

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