Shooting Star

shooting star


Intense and beautiful

And so sad

A star shooting across the sky

Luminescent laser

In the evening celestial

Yet flying in despair


Desperation in air

Extinguished so long ago

A beautiful sight

Even though it’s dead

Sorrowful elegant flight

Sad and beautiful

Shooting stars

Beautiful endings

Why must death appear to open our eyes

Just to recognize what matters

To appreciate the star

That is beautiful

But sad





A ballad so blue

Makes me cry

Because it’s beautiful

Because it’s sad

Somber lamenting music

Beat of the soul

Nothing is really sad

Until it ends

But when the music dies

Beauty subsides

Only the sad remains

Making us real

Sad and beautiful

Our world conflicted

Love restricted

Why does it take the worst to bring out our best

Shit happens

Just to feel sad

To make us act

To make us stand up and shout

We will survive

That is beautiful

But sad






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