Missed Connection

©Jérôme Gorin/AltoPress/Maxppp ; Little boy on swing, rear view



I missed them

The signs

How could I not see

When he meant so much to me

The ray of sunshine he could be

The best friend I ever had

Sir Galahad

A man so full of life

Until he wasn’t

And I never saw


Why couldn’t I see

His torture and his shame

Driving him insane

The laughter and the pain

As people giggled at his name

From far away

But loud enough to hurt

They shred him with a claw

But I never saw

I loved the man despite every flaw

I missed the signs


I’ve cheated death three times over

Now his death is cheating me still

Of the days that never came

The days that never will

Times we rode together

No place to call a home

We were gonna search the country

Together always roam

Until you wrote your final chapter

Left me all alone

Standing in empty lines

I saw all you in all your beauty

But I never saw the signs










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