anecdote I


Here in the silence

Mysteries deeply hidden revealed

Of the heart and soul metaphoric

Secrets that glow with the shine of moon

Secrets illuminate bright in the radiant sun

With all of their passing’s accumulated

As the spirit of Id merge with Ego

Words unspoken in deep thought


Yet still my eyes parch dry from thirst

For the echoes of knowledge struggling

My mind to understand the changing tides

My tongue to taste the salt less sea at dawn

And comprehend they have their meanings

The touch of my fingertips the answer appears

Perceptions profoundly pondered in reflection



Here in my silence

Like an oracle revealed unto my very eyes

Theories puncture at the rind of my essence

Uncover obstacles from the way of path

Shedding the fears the clutter unburdened

Self awareness clears the passage to come

That will become my Yellow Brick Road

Less traveled

Here when my silence abates

A murmur of autonomous nature heard

Seek not every single truth as yet untold

But seek one single truism and exhilarate

Raise but one reality from the well of peace

Let its rose petals bloom in glory internal

Bring a joyous vision in my lane of life

That peace and love will guide this nothingness

This meditation


Live and Love in Peace


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