This Way To Egress 2016



Come on suckers gather around

Listen to the loudest snake charmer in town

I build people up so I can beat them down

I make a lot of noise but it’s nothing but sound

I’ve got no real plan and I couldn’t care less

Throw your vote down my hallway this way to egress


Jump on my bandwagon please donate

All by myself I’ll make America great

If you wanna know how you just hafta wait

Cause there ain’t a single plan here on my plate

I screw the people in my way but I couldn’t care less

Let me deal and steal your right to vote, this way to egress


No foundatrion my words are purely baseless

Screw the elder victims to me their faceless

Some say my eminent domain is a little abrasive

Bit what can you expect from a misogynist racist

All the things I do will leave our country a mess

Making me the Prez the quickest way to egress



Put me in charge so I need to feel the power

I got a million insults to make every race cower

My White House will become a giant golden shower

I really don’t care if I make this world a big mess

As long as I’m in power, this way to egress



Egress, The action of going out or leaving, direct means of departure

This way to egress was one of P.T. Barnum’s most infamous scams. While in his Barnum’s American Museum signs were strategically placed that read “This way to egress”, egress being a word many people did not understand. Mr. Barnum realized people spent too much time there and needed more revenue so he placed the signs strategically knowing people would follow the signs out of curiosity only to find they had exited the show and would have to pay a second admission if they wanted to return. Don’t throw your vote out the egress, educate yourself about the issues and formulate informed opinions based on fact or reasonable speculations no matter which party you support. Don’t make knee jerk reactions or be a slave to a political party, choose which candidate you truly believe will do right by We The People.



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