Just In Case

just in case


(Modern Beat)



I ran from a familiar land

After my delusions chased me

Across the sand

And I ran

from the North Shore sights

Toward the bright bright lights

Electric nights of city life

Laughing in the jaws of the dragon

Breathing wisps of demon breath

To a world unnatural

In search of death

There in the belly of the beast

Putting my life on lease

Chasing smoke rings

Dancing a crazy crowd

Punk music blasting loud

Fractured bones in the pit

Because I moshed a little bit

Too hard

Fraught with anger

Driven with salacious devotion

Drawn to deviant commotion

I rode the avenue waves

Reveling the horizontal hugs

Stoned insane from too much drugs

Waltzing on the edge of the universe

Stumbling across my dreams

But age collects it’s toll

Body and mind fade from time

Can’t live that way no more

Can hardly get up off the floor

I’ve become a dinosaur for sure

But if you offered me a normal life

I would turn and run away

Who wants that kind of life anyway

Chained to a picket fence

Life in the past tense

Another hamster in the wheel

Man get real!

That don’t make no sense

Children and suspense

Always worried about expense

I’m better left to all my clutter

Traveling rip tide down the gutter

I’m not who I thought I would be

Two good eyes but still can’t see

Even though its in front of me

Now you tell me God can free us

Jesus will appease us? Please!

Was my life ever worth saving

When it was death I was constantly craving

But anyways I ain’t misbehaving

Mine is no disgrace

Repentance has no place

But I’m not going back there

Just in case






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