One Long Moment

one long


Fables and folklore are memories, stories told over time until they become forgotten truths. One day I asked my Mom if all stories are true, like the story of Jesus or Moses or Ulysses. I asked her if I would become nothing more than a distant memory, a distant truth remembered, the story of me. She smiled and answered me, “What are each of us but a story anyway my love? Don’t tell it… it.” And I have every day since


We gazed in unison when Aurora smiled down

The warm solar wind nods a knowing wink

United hand in hand with my first love at my side

We strolled the stars in amorous radiance

Oh those day we owned the evening

The sunrise ours to rent

But he glorious sunset was ours to hold to our hearts

While It’s opulence glistened in homage to our love

Showering us in confidence from her kaleidoscope beacon

Our tender union now budding and ready for harvest

The seeds of true love scattered amongst the night sky


Enraptured we strode abreast between giant boulders

Forged to admire from the days of ice

Time and age chiseled our names in ancient rock

As the boulders let loose stony tears of stories gone by

A history embalmed with the beauty of life

Shed in honor of two young lovers

Striding together awestruck in it’s majesty

Etching moments for us to share the rest of our lives

At the table of Gods we tasted the Meade

Dripped moments of delirium into our laps

The first breath of life of newborn souls

And times last breath

Together we pledged love to sunsets and mountains



But sunsets and mountains can’t love you back

Not even their omnipotent grandeur will glow eternal

Every tale has its beginning and every beginning its end

Littered with moments of time in shards of emotion

So time is all that we have left from our love

Fragile time destined to become tales of the past

But for now our time is eternal

Our moments to hold onto forever



No matter how thin the threads of time moments are ours to count on. Whether a series of moments or just one long moment they are there for us. And when ever we need our moments the most, that’s when our moments seem to last forever.




3 thoughts on “One Long Moment

  1. Wayne Holmes

    Beautiful. I find that if I live my life mindful of my own unfolding story, I have less anxiety and less nihilistic thoughts. At the very least, my story is a purpose of its own.

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