Cosmic Umbilical Chord




The two greatest mysteries surround the two most profound events in our lives and we have no recollection of either. Birth and death. But some believe there is a connection somewhere in the universe when each of us is born like a cosmic heartbeat. We’re aware of it as we enter the world but soon forget how to hear it. It is like an echo that connects our birth to our death and draw each other closer until destiny catches up. Maybe the echo is god, maybe our guardian angel, or maybe it’s the physical form of a fate accompli. Then again maybe it’s simply a mystery which should always remain a mystery until our time is done, when the truth, no matter what it is, is revealed us. Maybe its our cosmic umbilical chord to be cut when we enter a new state of consciousness……………


A crackle across the first second of eternity

With a universal spark somewhere in time lost

Linked up to the existence of one brave new life

Bouncing off the stars in search of inevitable grace

To create a countdown from my vital existence


A cosmic echo which sprung from my virgin heartbeat

Connecting my Alpha to the edge of the Omega

A faint rumbling, a sonic thumping of newborn élan

The umbilical message reaching the will of my ego

The louder it gets the closer I am to my death


I have learnt at birth to ignore its constant pulse

Each tick a metronome in time with termination

Yet every second deaths drumbeat pulls me nearer

Casting dark shadows from my embryonic journey

And every sun it burns out leaves a Cimmerian shade


There in the dark shadows of my solitude I meditate

Contemplating the phantoms of yesterdays dreams

For it is alone in the darkness with my passionate ego

My eyes see that the shining light illuminates a path

And my ears hear the cosmic heartbeat which keeps drawing me closer

I reach out to meet it with joy



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