Republican’ts And Demochats



(Modern free form beat poetry)

Just cause you’re on the right

That doesn’t make you all right

You looking through on the left

Act before nothing is left

I am politically ambidextrous

So impress us with your expertise


It makes you uncomfortable

Cause you just can’t understand

So you create a bunch of labels

Spread em all across the land

It makes it easier when you to file me

So you can defile me

That way you don’t have to get to know me

So show me

What you think I am


You put people into compartments

Your absurd

You treat us like cattle you can herd

You pompous turds

You don’t even know who we are

We’re not just a vote

A banknote

We’re a group of living concepts

Its nonsense

Indivisible with no liberty, no justice at all

The righties calls the lefties all fools

Singing E Pluribus Unum

While your screwin’ em

You’re gonna ruin em

So what am I to the far right side?

From a group of radical ignoramus?

Think that you can tame us?

I dare you!

Do my thoughts scare you?

Am I a tree hugging hippie

Who loves Mother Earth

I have since birth for what it’s worth

I’m the resistance

It’s just a philosophic difference

Try it it wont hurt

I care about rights of women

I believe in equal rights

Democracy isn’t exclusive to the whites

We are a salad of cultures held in check by you vultures

But you can’t understand

I care for my fellow man

You’re just a Republican’t

Who thinks he’s a republic can



And don’t be looking so smug and deft

Over there on the left

You don’t like me either

You just want to invoke my vote

You make me nervous

The only thing you ever served is lip service

All you do is talk

You can’t get women’s pay equal

And it won’t happen

I’ve seen the sequel

The poor receive wages of sin

For gods sake let refugees in!

Why are guns still a thing?

Cause you don’t do a God damn thing

But chat

To fat cats

Just like the right

You never even fight

You ain’t all that

You think you’re a democrat

But your just a demo chat

Talking us under a bus

Living among the upper crust

Tossing us crumbs from your linen tablecloth

What disgust



Neither side has an exclusive on deceit

Stay out of my kitchen if you can’t take my heat

You politicians caused the wreck

With you one hand pledging allegiance

While the other takes my check

You call me a communist but who pays the fucking lobbyist?

A trusty Politian standing an untrusting shade

If things all go your way well man I guess you got it made

But your pact is with the hateful

The insult of the day

Wish you were an illusion but you’re an illusionists to stay



Republican’ts and Demochats

Enslaved to fat cats

Know what? Go on ahead

Beat the crap outta each other

Call each other names

Continue playing games

You’re all lame

Off base

Peace is the tortoise in this race

Your rabbit hate has a rabid fate

And hates gonna lose

Hates an obstruction which thrives on destruction

Someday you’ll understand

Hope it s not to late


You run a Presidential race

To dominate the rate race

Forgetting the human race

The one race we all must win

Humanity is our kin

People full of hope and love

Try to remember that before you destroy the world

Keep us alive

Peace is the most noble struggle to survive




I may be a dreamer but I’m not the only one….Peace Out


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